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Mar 8, 2007 09:25 AM

One night in Columbia, SC

I'll be in Columbia for work next week--staying near I-26/Harbison Blvd and will have a car. Any recommendations for any must-haves in Columbia? I'd prefer no chains. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gervais and Vine is my favorite in Columbia. Tapas-style small plates and the cooks really know what they're doing. Skip the duck, which they overcook, but everything else I've tried there is top-notch.

    Friends of mine who know from good food swear by Ristorante Divino, just down the street. Fancier vibe. Those are the two best, as far as I know.

    If you're not from the South, try breakfast at a Waffle House: "scattered, smothered, covered double hash browns."

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      thanks wittle, i'm trying g&v on friday and i'll stay away from the duck!

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        g&v was a solid rec. the scallops were great, as was the salmon on pistachio paste. the reuben gnocci was a bit extreme, and most of the table didn't appreciate it as much as i did. surprise surprise. :-)

        the wine prices and availability are all affordable. thanks for that one!

      2. While I have enjoyed Gervais & Vine in the past, they fell from grace late last fall after several "off" nights in a row. I agree with the Restorante Divino recommendation. I favor (and not necessarily in order of preference) Motor Supply, Hampton Street Vineyard Bistro both downtown area, and Mr. Friendly's in Five Points on Green Street. I also think Terra (which is on on the corner of Gervais and State just across the river near downtown) is worth a look. I've only been once and with a party of 4 and everything was excellent - just don't know if it's consistent. I like sushi from Inakaya on St. Andrews Rd. Enjoy and please post back!

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          I'm glad to hear Inakaya is still open. My wife (a vegetarian) and I lived in Columbia in the late 1990s and that was one of our favorite places (she'd eat vegetables; I'd get the fish). Their nightly specials always were fun and tasty.

          We also adored Motor Supply. While their menus changed nightly, there always was a non-meat entree that even meat eaters would enjoy.

        2. I'm working in the area also, and at least once a week I drive from O'burg to Columbia to eat at Motor Supply Co. Their brunch is excellent and if you're alone you can sit at the bar and not have to wait. I used to like Gervais and Vine when I was in the area a couple of years ago, but haven't been there yet on this trip. Motor Supply, though, is really good.

          1. I agree about Motor Supply and Hampton Street---forgot about tthose!

            Sorry to hear that Gervais and Vine lost its edge. I think I was there last August and had a very good meal. A shame.

            1. Since you have a car ---- For kicks head over to Knox Abbott Drive in Cayce and have a meal at Vella's Deli. They're local and they've been there over 20 years. Wed. night special is ribs.