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Mar 8, 2007 09:18 AM

moving from LA...where should I have my last supper

Having dinner this Monday night to bid adieu to la la land. I'm heading to Seattle, land of delicious Asian & Pacifc Northwest cuisine. Would love to celebrate with something special....some of the themes that come to my mind are organic & local farmed food, unique setting, remarkable ethnic, fabulous newcomer, oldie but goodie. My sis is a vegetarian, I have 2 friends who stick to fish, and the rest of us our omnivores. Sadly, many spots are closed on Monday....any suggestions?

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  1. Where you heading? That's a big consideration.

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    1. re: ozzygee

      Good point. My destination is Seattle

    2. Yes, it really depends on where you're going. If I were leaving LA for, say, Missouri, I'd hit all the farmers markets and gorge on fresh fruits and produce, then hit every Chinese restaurant in the SGV, then load up on sopes, chicken tacos, and tamales. In fact, I would have quit my job already so I can start eating full time. Just kidding :) but you get the idea.

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      1. re: slacker

        Heading to Seattle, which has it's own yummy local produce, great Asian food, decent mexican, etc. I'm not so concerned about picking an LA restaurant that has cuisine I cannot find in Seattle. My main goal is simply to have a delicious meal, and hopefully at a place I've never been to.

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          Ah, in that case...for me, I would hit the place that's on the top of my list to try without completely breaking the bank: Providence. Not sure that would work with your group, though. Seattle has its own great food, and I would want to go to a place that shouts "L.A." Maybe Spago?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Spago, Melisse (expensive) or Providence are all good choices.

          1. i would go mexican....maybe babita