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Mar 8, 2007 09:10 AM

Good places to eat on Saltspring Island?

I'm planning a trip out (or back) west, and one of the stops will be Saltspring (Salt Spring? I can never remember which is right) Island. I know about Hastings House, but have never been there. I haven't been back since 2002 so I'm completely out of date, but I'll be staying at the Fulford Harbour end of the Island and getting into Ganges at least a couple of times not to mention hitting the cheese farms. Is there anything not to be missed, whether it's a being sold out of the back of a van at the Saturday market or in some sort of restaurant?

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  1. I'd find the highest end resto I could and ask for Salt Spring Island lamb. It is delicious!

    1. I think the lamb is a bit overrated actually. The cheese is quite beautiful though. Especially David Woods offerings.

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        I have had their lamb a few times at the Belvedere and it was fantastic...but I never tasted a chop I didn't like! Does anyone in Calgary carry David Woods products?

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          I remember it being around at the Belvedere also, a few years back. Have not seen it there since, though. I think it was better then, before it "caught on" and the producers had to increase their production to meet demand, and in the process ended up lowering the quality and consistency of the product. Sad, really. I recall it being very good in those earlier days. I have only seen David Woods products in the markets in Vancouver and on a menu or two there as well.

      2. Have had decernt grub @ the Treehouse-best on sunny days of course.

        1. If you're going from late spring on (and have the appropriate budget), then the Hastings House is almost impossible to beat. The garden is beautiful, as is everything else there. If you have room for two high-end meals then House Piccolo (also in Ganges) is the second must (many prefer it over Hastings House). For less fancy meals, we enjoy Calvin's (Ganges too). The restaurant across the street from Calvin's is apparently being redone by a great local chef. I have a vague notion it will open in July, but I'm not sure.

          The saturday market cheeses, including, but not limited to, Wood's are great, but some of the baking is pretty darn tasty too.

          1. I might just have to dig deep and go to Hastings House. My grandparents lived on Saltspring 1976-2004 and between the ages of 6 and 16, I spent most of my holidays there but was always "just a kid" and therefore never taken along to Hastings House when the grownups went. I will be there in prime time (June 29-July 5) so the market will be in full swing (I'm going to miss the dear departed Fryin' Scotsman fish and chip truck, but in compensation the Saturna Island Canada Day Lamb Roast will be on). I've never heard of House Piccolo but I'll check it out when I'm there. Thanks!