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Mar 8, 2007 09:08 AM

Finger Lakes Area

Has anyone ever eaten at Joe's Pasta Garage in Skaneateles? Anywhere else you can recommend in that area?

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  1. Suzanne FRC, in Lodi, is a favorite:
    In Skaneatles you might also want to check out Mirbeau:

    1. We usually eat at the bar at the Sherwood Inn.
      You can look out across Skaneatles Lake from the bar,sit in front of their fireplace in the dining room in the tavern,or have a table looking out over the lake.
      The food is great bar food!(burgers,fish,ect.)
      Doug's Fish Fry,around the corner,is a local favorite as well.
      We've eaten at Joe's but found it nothing out of the ordinary;it's good,don't get me wrong,but Rosalia's Cucina is outstanding Northern Italian and it's right out of town about 1/2 mile.
      Both Rosalia's and Mirabeau are expensive.
      Mirabeau is a health spa and restaurant.
      We like their bar room but their food is a little to "healthy' for our taste.
      Judge accordingly.

      1. The Stone Cat Cafe in Hector, NY is very good.

        1. The pub grub in the bar at Sherwood Inn is OK, but I would stay away from the dining room. If you want to drive about 20 minutes, I recommend the Old Erie Restaurant in Weedsport. The owners are a couple of CIA graduates, and the food is pretty good. The coconut cream pie for dessert is worth the drive.