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Mar 8, 2007 09:02 AM

Avanti Fountain Place . . . Feedback Needed

Fellow Chowhounds,

Have any of you been to a wedding reception at Avanti Fountain Place (on Ross Ave)? How was the food? The room?

Any other suggestions for interesting places in DFW Metroplex area for a wedding reception with great food that won't break the bank?


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  1. I've never been to that particular Avanti's, but last year my cousin had her wedding in the courtyard at the Trammel Crow Asian art museum, then the reception at Aija, the mezzanine restaurant in the Trammel Crow building. Dinner was served buffet-style and was a general crowd-pleaser to both her (asian) family and his (caucasian). It was a rather small wedding, but I'm guessing it was still relatively affordable, especially compared to Avanti's.

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      I was reading through back posts and Aija seems to be a hidden little spot that mostly people in the building go to so I will second you on Aija.... I would say though go early because it gets relatively busy at noon.

      For those who work in Downtown, it is a must! The Dover Sole is absolutely outstanding. My wife, who's extent of fish eattery is tilapia and catfish, absolutely raved about it!. We had the fortune to attend a wedding where Aija was the caterer. They served the basic same food as what is on the buffet and boy was it a HIT.

      Everytime we are now in the downtown area near lunch time, we have to go to Aija and eat.

    2. We had our rehersal dinner at Avanti Fountain Place, and had a wonderful experience. The food was excellent, and the space is intimate. It made for great photos.