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Mar 8, 2007 09:01 AM

Japanese tapas/izakaya, maybe fusion-y on Sunset or Hollywood Blvd ?

anyone have any clue of the name of the restaurant and lcoation? It migh start with a Y(?) and i think it's been open no more than six months to a year.

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    1. Yatai
      8535 W Sunset Blvd
      West Hollywood, CA
      (310) 289-0030

      1. is the same joint, that's a husband and wife team, and also offers an omakase for around 25 bucks/ thanks. i think this is it.

        1. maybe it's not the right place, one look at the menu on-line and it didn't seem that interesting.

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          1. re: kevin

            Perhaps you are thinking of a different place. That being said, a lot of the selections that I ordered were from their daily specials, and I did enjoy it quite a bit (although, if nothing from their regular menu looked interesting, the daily specials might not be to your taste either).

          2. the only omakase stye ikazaya place that i know of is wakasan in west la.