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Mar 8, 2007 09:01 AM

Chapel Hill Hound - Shopping for Food in NOLA

I'm visiting New Orleans for the next 9 days and I'd kind of like to bring some things back to me. I'll be flying back to Raleigh, so I imagine I'll just pack whatever I get in ice or dry ice and tape up a styrofoam cooler and just check it with my luggage...I'll be flying Delta on the way back, I hope they are OK with this.

Any recommendations for food that would be good to transport this way? I'm thinking crayfish and shrimp would both be amenable to transport...Any recommendations on where to shop for these kinds of things? I'm open to any other suggestions...

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  1. Big Fisherman on Magazine street will pack stuff for travel, as will Fisherman's Cove out by the airport (on Williams Blvd).

    Other perishable local stuff would be Creole cream cheese, any of the meat products (boudin, tasso, andouille, etc).

    Then there the olive salad for muffulattas, Community or French Market or Union coffee (w/ or w/o chicory), Zatarain's stuff (available nationwide, now, I think) Zapp's potato chips, hot sauces, pepper jelly... all can be found at any local supermarket.

    Visit the crescent city farmer's market and see what they have.

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      i posed on another thread, but with regards to the olive salad: if you want to carry this on (for fear the glass may break if you check it), you may want to bring a tupperware for the olive salad, as tsa doesn't like glass jars. i 'repackaged' the olive salad in a tupperware, and it made it through security just fine.