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Mar 8, 2007 08:59 AM

Easy and impressive lunch menu for parents?

My parents will be visiting this weekend. I'm looking for some ideas for a lunch menu to serve. My parents like pretty much any type of food- especially ethnic cuisine and dishes with a lot of flavor. I don't want to make anything too hearty because we will be going for a big dinner that evening (most likely Indian or Thai). Also something relatively quick would be ideal, as i will only have a few hours in the morning to shop and prepare.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you.

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  1. What about a salade nicoise? I tend to go the untraditional route and sear tuna rather than using canned/bottled tuna. And if you felt ambitious, you could make a large pate a choux ring, slice it in half, and serve the salad on it. It's one of my favorite "having people to lunch" menus.

    Another favorite Saturday lunch for the two of us that is dead simple to make - if you can get bottarga - is spaghetti with bottarga - I'll give you a link to a recipe I posted if you're interested. A reasonable sized portion of that, some salad and a crisp white wine are lovely.

    1. My beyond simple meal that never fails to please is chicken sandwiches made with warm, freshly cooked chicken. Either sautéed cutlets, roasted whole chicken, a store-bought rotissierie bird or baked breast sections. Good bread, sturdy enough to stand up to the juicy meat is essential. Wimpy bread won't make it here. Ciabatta, rye, French. Lettuce, tomato, sliced onions, mayo, mustard. drippings from the chicken.
      Put everything out and people can make their own.
      A simple, light potato or green salad or slaw on the side.

      1. An underrated but exceptionally good way to go would be a roast chicken and a salad. I think roast chicken is normally thought of as a heavy meal but in my opinion thats because its usually served with lots of potatoes or other starch and a pile of other sides. (All of which is good!) But some chicken and a good salad is very very easy to put together, looks impressive on the table and is almost certain to please everyone.

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          I like the chicken and salad idea but I would also add some piping hot popovers just served with a good butter.

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            Yum, great idea to round out the meal. I may have to make this menu for dinner tomorrow night. (I'd make it tonight, but I don't have a chicken in the house.)

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            This was exactly what I was thinking, too. My folks and Grandfather recently came over for lunch, and instead of the usual sandwich platter, I made pan roasted chicken breasts (lots of rosemary, basil and garlic under the skin....seared until crisp and brown in a pan, then into a super hot oven to finish off for about 20 minutes....pan sauce made from lemon juice, chicken broth, dijon mustard, and a little butter). Served with a spinach salad and TJ's corn bread (the mix...really good). Nice and simple, but comforting and light......

          3. How about Chicken Waldorf Salad? Easy and elegant

            1. I second salad nicoise. Made with little potatoes, green beans and boiled eggs, it's a hearty lunch with nice bread or a tomato soup or both.

              Another option is a orzo salad with feta, black olives, red onions, parsley, grape tomatoes, nice oregano, lemon vinagrette.