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Mar 8, 2007 08:55 AM

Fabulous New Bonita Beach - Wylds Cafe

Wow, decided to try a new one. All four of us were totally impressed with this new place. Not sure how new but I think it was a different place last year. It's on Bonita Beach Rd. Ambiance is really nice (just coming from a very noisy Flemings - although excellent meal the night before -we were very pleased with the quiet and quant ambience). Service was excellent and attentive. Both couples split a very creative and different salad. Ours was a Sauteed duck and shiitake mushrooms tossed in a parmesan peppercorn dressing with romaine, avocado, and capers. My folks split a mixed greens tossed with balsamic vinaigrette, dried cranberries, blue cheese and cucumber matchsticks. My main dish was a fabulous cashew encrusted grouper, with a gorgonzonla cheese mash. potatoe and spinach (yummy), Mom got the sole with a tomato caper buerre blanc served with scallion and parmesan mashed. Hubby and Dad got the absolutely excellent special seafood rosotto with crawfish, scallops and crab - cheesy and maybe spinach or a few vegies (best meal of all if I had to choose).
It's a keeper!!! Can't wait to do this place again, watching other meals go out makes me want to go back soon. :-)

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  1. We just tried Wyld's last night with another couple, thanks to the recs by ReverendAndy and lexpatti Wow, you guys were right on - what a great place! We started with the pan-seared scallops, wild mushroom soup, and the sauteed duck and shiitake salad, moved on to the parmesan encrusted walleye pike, duck and foie gras sausage pasta, salmon with spinach and pernod tarragon buerre blanc, and sole with tomato caper buerre blanc, with four excellent wines by the glass, and finished with a creme brulee crepe and a chocolate mouse cake. Outstanding in every way! Attentive service, nice quiet setting, wonderful food, good wine list. But you could drive right by this place and not notice it - it's just a little cafe in a strip mall on a busy street. Also - there's a coupon for a 20% discount for the entire bill on their Web site ( Total bill, including wine, tax and tip, came to under $44 per person. Don't pass it up.

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      Tom, I'm glad you liked it. Next time you have to try the calamari appetizer and the Kurobuta pork chop. Kurobuta is a heritage pork and tastes like pork, not the other white meat. It's sad you have to spend twice as much for heritage pork now that tastes like it did 10 years ago.

      1. re: RevrendAndy

        I'm really bummed, back in New England now and really miss this place. Each time one of my family members went down to visit my folks, I would get a call
        "Went to Wylds's last night - Wow, Oh my". Wish this was in my backyard. I'm a calamari lover too, never got that one. That duck and shitake salad was sooooo great to start the meal though, I can still taste it.