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Mar 8, 2007 08:46 AM

dining suggestions while in d.c.

Hi y'all-

My partner & I are taking her parents to D.C. for a few days in April. We will be staying in a hotel on DuPont Circle and using the Metro rail & bus for transportation. I lived in the D.C. area for a few months in 1994, but haven't been back since. I'm sure the restaurant scene has changed a bit! Any suggestions for inexpensive - mid-priced meals would be appreciated, especially around DuPont Circle. Her folks are not terribly adventerous, but Italian & Chinese are fine. I remember going to a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood where Politics & Prose bookstore is, and am wondering if it's still there.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Dino's in Cleveland Park (half a block from the metro stop), an Italian/Tuscan restaurant and wine bar with a cool vibe. A broad menu with lots of options for small plates and half order of pastas to please all. Also reasonably priced. Do a search (Ctrl-F) and you'll find lots more details on Dino.

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      You beat me to it.

      Also, for something really nice I'd go with Firefly.

    2. If you order well - pastas, grilled meats, fish, at Sesto Senso, you can get a tasty meal. Sometimes their risotto is spot on, others times not so much. If Osso Bucco is the special, order it. Also, I think their pizza is very good.

      1. Thanks, y'all! I will post back and let you know where we went.

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        1. If you like seafood...especially something with a fun New England feel I would suggest Hank's Oyster Bar at 16th and Q. They have a delicious lobster roll and a friendly staff. It's a pretty small and doesn't take reservations but if you call ahead of time they'll give you an estimate of a wait.
          Also if you like sushi I would highly suggest Sakana on P St. The Sakana Roll (crunchy shrimp rol) is to die for and there are plenty of good cooked Japanese dishes if the parents don't like eating raw fish.

          I also of course 2nd Dinos...but it is in Cleveland Park.

          1. The Chinese restaurant near P&P may be Yenching Palace. It's about to close and the building converted to a Walgreen's drugstore. No idea of the expected closing date.
            In Dupont, you'll have lots of choices to please the parents. Pesce has wonderful seafood, among the very freshest and best prepared in town, nice atmosphere, great desserts. Montsouris is an excellent French brasserie. I second the rec for Sesto Senso for really good Italian. Of course, the old red gravy classic, AV Ristorante is still around, but not for long; it's due to fall victim to the wrecking ball to make way for more condos within the next year.
            Taxis are an inexpensive alternative in Washington for a group of 4 to get to Georgetown or Penn Quarter. La Chaumiere has classic French country food at reasonable prices. Clyde's in Georgetown offers a standard American menu and is one of the oldest watering holes in town, still frequented by locals.