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Really good ceviche or cebiche or seviche

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  1. Best I've ever had is at Marquez Restaurant in Santa Fe Springs off of Rosecrans. They use mostly shrimp. Yum!

    1. Las Quenas, Sherman Way @ Bellaire, NoHo. Make sure to get the octopus.

      1. Tacos Baja Ensenada
        La Estrella on Orange Grove in Pasadena has a good version, too.

        1. The ceviche at Senor Fish is my favorite...

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            Any particular one? Just curious as I remember a thread awhile back about possible change of ownership at Eagle Rock, and South Pas being lousy.


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              Downtown (1st St.) was good on Friday (3/9/07).

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                The (relatively new) Duarte location has great ceviche. I happen to like it personally because it has very little cilantro in it, and I am not a cilantro fan. The fish is delicious and the juice is so good I pour it over my tacos!

              1. Mario's Peruvian on Melrose and Vine have two good versions

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                    Mario's has a ceviche mixto (squid, octopus, fish & shrimp) and then another, which I think is the same marinade but just fish, not the whole seafood shebang.

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                      Thank you. Cuz I don't want it with octopus and squid.

                  2. On Vine, on block south of Sunset on the east side of the street is a Peruvian place called Las Balcones. They have more than just a few cevches to choose from. They even have a combo plate that comes with ceviche and fried calamari. They also serve a ceviche that is eaten warm. Here is a link to Jonathan Gold's review:


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                      Their ceviche mixto is excellent! Be sure that you know what you're doing if you order it spicy, because they don't play around and you may not be expecting what they will deliver if you ask for it hot. But the large-kernel Andean corn and steamed yuca and red onions that come with it make it a totally different dish than the standard cocteles de ceviche found elsewhere.

                      Also their portions are huge, so don't order the ceviche thinking it's just an appetizer. It ain't.

                      Great place and great people too.

                    2. I like the scallops version at Ocean Seafood.

                      The one at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is huge, with shrimp and tons of lettuce on the bottom. It's more like a cocktail/ceviche.