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Mar 8, 2007 08:44 AM

Cleaning the inside of a rice cooker

I have a Zojirushi 5 cup Fuzzy Logic Rice cooker where the bottom heating element is starting to Blacken. See attached photo. The manual says this is not good and to clean it with a soft abrasive pad. But using a pad that can get the stains out, scratches the hell out of the surface, which the manual says is not good. I would love to use barkeepers friend in it but I fear the powder will go everywhere and ruin it. Or if I make a paste or use the liquid version it might get into the heating elements and cause problems.

Anyone have any Suggestions.


- P.

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  1. I would look to see if Zojirushi has an (800) number you could call. If you haven't already done so. I've got the same same rice cooker, let me know what you find out.

    1. I'm back again. I found an 800 number for Zojirushi. (800) 733-1700. Or
      Hope this helps.

      1. well, not sure if this applies but if it's a superficial stain, you could just wet the surface with a wet sponge and keep sponging it until black stuff is gone. This might work but of course YMMV. I would let it dry thoroughly before using again.

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          The stains are from starch and moisture collecting down on the heating elements and burning, so they are not superficial. I have been using the liquid version of Barkeepers friend with some success but it is going to take more elbow grease to get them out. I wish for a take apart manual for the cooker, so I could work on the pieces while knowing I wasn't doing damage to the electronics.

          Take Care

          - P.