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Mar 8, 2007 08:44 AM

Grandma's Soul Food in El Segundo

New soul fooder joint, steam tables, with a wide variety of the usual wares. they have sweet tea too.

anyway, ordered up fried chicken, candied yams, and collard greens. the greens were the best part spicey and a tad bit bitter, great stuff. yams were super sweet though nowhere near as good as the ultra-deliciouis ultra-well spiced candied yams at Flossie's in Torrance.
When you think about it Gradma's is a lot like flossie's except for the prixe-fixe only style at Flossie's and the fact that Flossie's is much better. the fried chicken at grandma's was ok, but the portion was small and more importantly the chicken was lukewarm from sitting on the steam table (this never happens with the fried chicken at flossie's).

and the sweet tea was good not great. but it's a nice addition to the neibhorhood and hopefully it'll get much much better given time.

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  1. Where is this? And what are their dinner hours?

    1. Corner of Main St and Imperial Hwy.

      1. I drove by that intersection on Monday and did not notice it. Could not find them readily via google search. I don't suppose you have an address and phone number?

        1. This is the second soul food place to open in this spot. The first didn't last too long, I'm wondering if it's the same one but they just changed the name. The earlier one called Locke's and it was pretty good, not as good as Flossie's but great for those that work or live in El Segundo/LAX area. I remember seeing a sign that said Grandma Blairs so that might help look it up. It's right by the 7-11 in the small plaza.

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            Thank you. I'll stop by next week to check it out.
            Too bad Farm Stand is not open on Mondays.

          2. yes, it's a mini-mall anchored by a 7-11. at the very beginning/northern end of main street. where the sign welcome to el segundo is at.

            oh, and you probably know, it's mostly takeout, no real decor to speak of.