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Mar 8, 2007 08:40 AM

Tom Cat Bakery

Who sells Tom Cat bread in the Midtown?

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  1. you should probably repost on the manhattan board

    1. Bonelle Bakery in Forest Hills on Ascan Avenue right off of Austin Street and next door to Nick's Pizza picks up fresh tomcat bread every morning to sell in their shop. They don't buy much and sell out quickly as the bread is fantastic. What's good about that is it always seems to be fresh. I buy from Tomcat directly for our catering stuff but not all the time. They are my go to of choice artisan bread supplier and they also do muffins, danish, brioche, croissants that are top notch and expensive....but worth it. Last time I was there picking up an order I noticed they had a huge order for Starbucks of muffins.

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      1. re: tigerwoman

        I wonder how good those Starbucks muffins will be now that TomCat is going to take out the butter to comply with the no-trans fat reported in the times this week.

        1. re: erica

          Well, I had months ago a muffin at Starbucks which was amazingly good.
          It was vanilla with white frosting. The frosting tasted like real buttercream which I absolutely love. However, a short while after my first muffin experience they seemed to disappear from Starbuck's menus. And then about a week ago I noticed they were back! I was so happy, so along with my afternoon latte I ordered again a vanilla muffin with white frosting that this time had some sort of silver sprinkles (not sure how you call them) I'm sad to report that the muffins are not the same ones I had before, the taste is leagues below that first muffin. Either they changed suppliers (to TomCat?) or the recipe has change (for the worse.)
          I'll be sticking with the biscotti, thank you very much.


          1. re: maria_nyc

            About two years ago a friend of mine was hired by Tom Cat to help revamp some of the baked goods at Starbucks in the region. She worked on the muffins, cookies and brownies. I had the pleasure of tasting some of the ideas. Most of them have since been pulled, except for the double chocolate chip cookies (used to be regular size, now their small, at .40 a pop) and they are still good. Don't know why the other items were changed (she did an AMAZING job with lowfat muffins).

            1. re: bklyngrl

              Leave it to Starbucks to change the one winning item in their non-coffee menu. In a pinch their pre-wrapped Madelines are not half bad. Of course they can't hold a candle to Balthazar's Madelines but for packaged stuff they're not bad.


        2. re: tigerwoman

          Butter is not a trans-fat (it's a saturated fat) and Tomcat is under no obligation to remove it from their bread under the law.

          1. re: grierson

            Did you see the article in the Times? Butter (and cheese and red meat) does contain natural trans-fat. There is a debate on the health implications of the natural variety and whether or not the NYC law applies to it BUT if a customer like Starbucks wants to advertise that their muffins contain NO trans-fat, then Tom Cat cannot use butter in the muffins it bakes for Starbucks, no matter how the law is interpreted.

            1. re: bobjbkln

              No, I didn't read the article in the Times and unfortunately, it's no longer available online so I won't speak to it. I will say that no matter what the article said, any nutritionist with any sense will tell you that the problem with butter is with its saturated fat content. I don't think this is really debatable. I'm not a nutritionist, but it seems to me that if you find trace elements of naturally occuring trans fats (last I checked, hydrogenation didn't happen in the pasture) objectionable, I'd watch out for those lattes.

              1. re: grierson

                exactly, there most def IS little bit of trans fat in butter, but, like grierson him/herself said, its naturally occuring. the Times pointed out that the problem arises because companies like SBux want that 0 grams claim on their products so butter is going to have be omitted. sux tho, cuz butter would be better than a lot of what these bakers are being 'forced' to go to, i.e. crappy veg oils like grapeseed oil, etc.

                1. re: ben61820

                  The Times article pointed up the very reason why politicians should not become involved in either people's personal nutrition decisions or scientific matters of which they have little or no understanding. A lot of grandstanding that is not going to get us better, or perhaps even more healthful, food.

                  1. re: Woodside Al

                    This is a bit OT, so I'll keep it short. "Politicians" did not make this rule. It was the City's Health commisioner, a very well respected public health doctor.

        3. Dean & DeLuca, 560 Broadway at Prince St. I think they make some of the best bread in the city but unfortunately it's hard to find at retail but is served in some of the best restaurants.

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          1. re: BluPlateSpec

            I believe Dean and Deluca buy the breads from the various well known bakeries in the city. They don't actually bake them.

          2. I noticed a Tm Cat bakery truck outside Bar Tabac a few years ago (not sure if they still supply them) and I noticed the truck outside Down Town Atlantic on Atlantic ave. I agree that it's fantastic bread.

            1. Thanks.
              I would be a very happy person if I could eat their bread everyday.
              I have tried Balthazar and other so called fine bakery, but a simple baguette from Tom Cat bakery is still my favorite.