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Mar 8, 2007 08:40 AM

What to buy at Miette?

Is there anything yummy at Miette? What would you buy there with a gift certificate?

Received a gift certificate for $25 for Miette. Looking at past posts, I'm thinking I'll be avoiding the cupcakes and cakes, and maybe trying the macaroons. The macaroon review was two years ago, though, so don't know if those are still made well.

Anyone tried ANYTHING yummy there recently?

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  1. Not much really. But I do love the salt caramels.

    1. I'm a New Yorker who visited the terminal market last week for the first time and was excited to try Miette because everything looked so cute. I should have known better. I also got there late so there wasn’t a lot to choose from. I had the Scharffen Berger cake it was just okay, if I could do over I'd go for the meringue tart instead. They also had lemon caramels that were really good but you’d get a lot of them for $25. The plates and tea towels were all really cute maybe don’t buy food at all.

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        I too would go for non-food items, like maybe a small cake stand. The salted caramels are nice, but Miette doesn't even make them.

      2. Anything that by its nature won't be dry.

        1. I do happen to like the chocolate cupcakes. My friend bought a little bag of chocolate cookies and gave me one, and I actually really liked it. I've hated their little bagged cookies in the past.

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            The chocolate cookies are based on Pierre Herme's Korova Sables (or as Dorie Greenspan now calls them -- World Peace Cookies).

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              The chocolate sables from Miette are quite different from those made at Balthazar in New York. Any clue as to how either version compares to those made by Pierre Hermé?

              1. re: Xiao Yang

                I've been to Pierre Herme, but haven't tried the Korova cookies. However, I can say that the Dorie Greenspan/Pierre Herme recipe makes a better chocolate sable than the ones from Miette.

          2. Ahhhh ... as usual I can't find my notes on the good things to try at Miette. IIRC, the chocolate tart is good according to some ... it's not that I don't want to give places a chance, I'm just worn out throwing good money after bad.

            Can you use the gift certificate at their new candy shop, Miette Confiserie?

            I'm dying to hear someone report about the rose geranium or lavender cotton candy.

            The reports on yelp are hilarious. It seems the candy shop is following the Miette model. Dress up to get good service ... or so it seems from yelp reviews.

            There were some interesting sounding things like the 3400 Phinney Bread & Dark Chocolate which has french bread & sea salt with chocolate. Fernet drops sound worth exploring if you are into that sort of thing. It seems the taffy should be avoided. If you read those reports I'd disregard posters with only a few posts that give the place five stars ... and sing candy songs.

            Anyway it might be another option for that gift certificate ... please report back whatever you do.

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            1. re: rworange

              Where do you see casually dressed people complaining that they were treated poorly? The average rating of the Ferry Bldg. location on Yelp is 4 stars. The only complaints I see are by vegans (no comment). I've always had friendly service-with-a-smile there. People seem to love being insulted by the nasty folks at Lulu Petite, because you never hear a word about it on this board. Gosh, I loved it when they had their sign up that read: "Directions to restroom or Slanted Door -- $1." For a business who makes so much money off tourists to feel so put upon by said tourists . . .

              1. re: rworange

                Alameda Natural Grocery has the 3400 Phinney -- I tried the bread and dark chocolate and thought it would have been interesting with more bread (it was just bread crumbs) -- kinda like marshmallows in rocky road. The salt was good, though.