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Mar 8, 2007 08:23 AM

Help! Affordable and diverse caterers in Montreal

I'm based in NYC but am I'm helping to organize a 2-week long video advocacy event in Montreal for participants from all over the world. Does anyone have recommendation for caterers who could be flexible and diverse in their offerings?

We're a nonprofit so of course price is somewhat of a setback.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Agnus Dei is pretty good and I'm pretty sure they can do something to fit your budget.

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    1. re: Campofiorin

      thanks! i've got them on my list, but it's good to get a real person vouching for them.

      all best.

      1. re: noirbette

        Actually, every single time I went to an event catered by Agnus Dei, I ended up eating bad food. I suggest you try Area's catering service.

    2. My bf plays in a band and they do a lots of corporate events - He says the food catered by JavaU is outstanding (not just the regular sandwich fare they serve in the coffee shops).

      Good luck!

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        Just so you know, Java U the catering company is a completely different company from Java U the franchised coffee shop. They parted ways years ago...the food is great, but it is not cheap. Make sure you call Java U Catering and not the restaurant in Westmount, which offers their own catering. You want to reach Ronnie Moffatt, who owns the real Java U catering company based in TMR.

        1. re: lorie

          I have been to countless weddings, engagement parties etc... Java U is by far the best caterer in town. They make the most amazing hors d'oeuvres, and the presentation is also really nice.

      2. Angus Dei did our wedding and it was great--the service is bar-none. I will be watching this thread though for other suggestions (perhaps less pricey...).

        1. There's a place called Les gants blancs on Duluth and the owner's name is Constance. She did a couple of parties for me, as small as 20 and up to 200, and everything was always perfect. The delivery was on time and the food was excellent. I had to feed up to 200 teachers at Christmas time and they did not complain....that's a big feat....haha...She can do hot and/or cold. She is very accomodating. I also organized a students' christmas party and they did not complain too much about food and teenagers are complainers also, the same as teachers! The prices are not too excessive. For the students' party, she charged me 8$ per person and the adults' party, 20$ per person for hot and cold buffet. You should give her a call.....but you'd have to search because I don't have it on hand right now.

          1. Simply Wonderful is a good catering service, I believe the site is
            They are located on Abbott and St. Catherine's.

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            1. re: Sophia Liberty

              This is a new reply to an old post, but I wanted to thank Sophia for the recommendation and second it to anyone who wanders in here looking for caterers in Montreal in the future. We gave a small party at a rented apartment in Montreal in November 2007 and had SW make several hors d'oeuvres, which we picked up. They were delicious and beautifully plated, ready to serve. We returned the dishes the next day. We also rented glasses form SW. Highly recommend them...great food, nice people, very accommodating.

              1. re: janemar

                This is a note to thank Sophia & janemar for their recommendation of Simply Wonderful. My sister & brother & I were planning a brunch party for our dad's 90th birthday. Both my brother & I live in Ontario so it could have become a logistic nightmare. I read these notes and decided to call.
                These people are so easy to work with and their prices are reasonable.
                The food was amazing - everyone commented, and we were so delighted with the staff who kept everything moving smoothly. Highly recommend
                them for a Simply Wonderful party.