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Mar 8, 2007 08:21 AM

The Big Chill frozen yogurt

With all the Pinkberry, Naked Berry, now defunct Kiwiberry (due to lawsuits going around town via Pinkberrry), etc. berries

I though I'd finally give this stalwart a try, which has been around for at the very least the past 10 or 15 years or so. Before all of the hullaboo of the past couple years.

And what I was look for was my 1980s definition of frozen yogurt.

And you know what, it did hit the spot. It's pretty good, better than Penguin's and more old-fashioned cookie cutter frozen yogurt stands? Maybe.

I still can't put my finger on why it's so busy day in and day out. But I have a couple theories.

First, the rotating list of flavors changes almost daily (I've visited more than a few times in the past few weeks, and some flavors are not available and then new flavors pop up). One girl in line asked about the rasberry flavor, and the counterguy responded that it would be on the menu in exactly two weeks. To which the girl responded with patient glee.

Also, the frozen yogurt is good based on what I tried whether the classic vanilla, the vanilla custard, the chocolate custard, the cafe latte, or the real hazelnut coffee (the last one was very good).

Add to that the fact that the eye candy doesn't hurt and I'm stuck in an ontological viscious cycle.

Corner of Westwood and Olympic, cash only.

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  1. It's good and the low fat/no fat is tolerable.

    1. And they have non-dairy for those of us who miss real frozen yogurt. big chill and studio yogurt are the only ones I have found that actually fit this bill...angelina's is always fruity and so sweet, it's more like soft sorbet than frozen yogurt.

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      1. re: Quesera

        They also carry non-dairy flavors at...

        Toppers on Beverly just west of La Brea.
        Yogurt Factory on Santa Monica near Bundy.
        Yogurt Zone at Woodley and Ventura
        Beverly Place Yogurt at Beverly and Crescent Heights.

        FWIW, Big Chill also offers 2 carbolites and a wow cow, for those of us that like those. I also used to love their 90 calorie oatmeal raisin cookies... Don't know if they still make those or not.

        1. re: Emme

          Oh thank you for the suggestions! I live closer to Beverly Place and Toppers (both of which I didnt think carried non-dairy, but that was a while ago) so now I can satisfy cravings on my side of town!

          1. re: Emme

            Also at Studio Yogurt in Studio City (Laurel Canyon and Ventura) -- this used to be a Bigg Chill, but it's branched out on its own and is VERY tasty.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Yes, I in fact went there Tuesday for yogurt! They actually have better flavors than Bigg Chill, but it's not as convenient when not in the valley. The portions are GIGANTIC there!

          2. re: Quesera

            Does anyone know if the non-dairy flavors at Big Chill are vegan, or do they still contain milk proteins (like lots of "non-dairy" creamers, etc. do).

          3. I think the popularity might be due to the fact that that they have the best prices around and a nice selection of flavors. One of my personal favorites is the peanut butter cookie which sadly I have not seen on the menu recently.

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            1. re: pepitos

              They have peanut butter cookies every few weeks, you can call 310-475-1070 to get the recording of their flavors throughout the week. They change the flavors every 2 days - but keep the flavors 3 for days Fri-Sun for the weekends.

              It's a very decent and obviously popular yogurt place. Sometimes the Caroblite flavors come out pretty soggy and that is a turn off. Also, their very recent price increase of 50 cents on every size of cone or cup of yogurt is a turn off too when I get a regular cone with barely any yogurt in it. Not worth the parking effort.

              1. re: Francesca

                Hardly any yogurt in in? I think their portions are gigantic - they seem bigger every time I go. Last time the "small" cone was laughably huge.

                1. re: sherpa50

                  the small is a very, very, very decent size. but yeah, it did increase in price, and also changed it's menu board recently too, to a typewritten scrawl instead of handwritten.

                    1. re: Francesca

                      i've been going at least twice a week for the past 4-5 years now, and their portions have *always* been gigantic. if you weigh the small (which is supposed to be 6oz), it usually comes out to be 8-10oz if not more (yeah, i'm obsessed like that)....

              2. I love the custard flavors - especially the vanilla, which is usually available on the weekend. The coffee custard is also yummy.

                I like Pinkberry - but it's a whole different thing.

                1. I love the vanilla custard. I just had one over the weekend with half that and half ghiradelli chocolate. I much prefered the vanilla custard which was very surprising since I'm a chocolate person through and through. Waiting in line sucks but it usually goes pretty quickly.

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                  1. re: jenjunum

                    I converted a chocolate-loving friend to the vanilla custard - it is my favorite frozen yogurt flavor in the city. The coffee custard is also very good.