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Miniature party food (quail eggs, etc)

Does anyone have ideas for tapas-like foods that incorporate tiny versions of larger foods?

ie: baby carrots, mini bagels, etc.

thanks in advance!

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  1. stuffed cherry tomatoes?
    baby vegetables of all kinds: mini carrots with their tops, tiny zucchini etc

      1. Little albondigas. I've done "deviled" quail eggs - with truffle oil ....a pain to peel ....but v. cute.

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          For future reference: Soak boiled quail eggs in vinegar for a while before peeling. How long is a while? I dunno really, I've always just done it until most of their color floated off.
          This makes them easier to peel. Yum!

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            Quail eggs: once you get them peeled: Lay several side by side on two bamboo skewers. Then lay two more skewers on top. Then take a few rubber bands and clamp the skewers down, to press the egg white surface for several hours. This will add a two-lined ridge texture that people will notice. It gets lost on the bulk of chicken eggs.

        2. any regular quiche, tart or muffin can be baked in those mini-muffin tins. you can also use round cutters to cut bread or pastry dough into small rounds.

          1. you can also make mini pizzas

            1. My co-worker once made a funny joke about such food when we were discussing cornichons (little pickles) & cornish game hens (little birds). He always told people that he was going on the "cornish" diet and only eating miniature versions of food. It was funny at the time, typing it now not so much. Also, I've done mini "cheesecakes" in mini-muffin cup liners.

              1. Mini stuffed pitas
                Mini tea sandwiches
                Mini cheeseballs or meatballs
                Mini hamburgers/sliders
                Petit fours
                Mini meringues or profiteroles or eclairs/cream puffs

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                  Have you actually seen mini pitas? I never have. Sounds interesting, though.

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                    I once made a huge batch of mini pitas, only to find out that they were readily available in many stores.

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                      Trader Joe's carries mini pitas

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                        Yes they do, and they're quite good... especially filled w/ tuna salad w/ red onions, red apples, celery and dill... mmm... lunch.

                2. I love these ideas---reminds me of Tom Hanks eating the baby corn at his office cocktail party as if it were a regular ear of corn in the movie Big. Is there anything that can be done with baby corn? Or brussel sprouts (maybe stuffed?), even though they are not technically miniature of anything, they sure look like baby cabbages.

                  Also, you could do mini-reubens with cocktail-sized pumpernickel bread slices.

                  I suppose you can do with little smokies in a crockpot or mini-corn dogs or even mini-pups in a blanket with little sausages.

                  Anchovies and sardines are tiny fishes--they aren't miniatures of anything, just small all by themselves--and they make great tapas.

                  Not very elegant, but they do sell tortilla chips in the shape of little taco shells and little taco salad shells--you could do mini tacos and mini taco salads if you're really going for the mini theme.


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                    In all seriousness... for baby corn from the can: Use Map Tacks (those colored push pins) on each end as a "corn-holder", and watch the partygoers go thru a fun phase of age retrogression.

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                      OMG! That is hilarious--and a must-try!


                  2. those mini cheeseburgers, aka "sliders", are quite the rage now too.

                    1. mini bagels, lox, and cream cheese
                      little pearl onions roasted and then & sauted in a balsamic vinegar reduction.
                      mini meatloaf (just take your regular recipe and scoop it with a cookie / icecream scooper)
                      Tiny shrimp "skewers" on a cocktail toothpick...not very tasty unless strongly spiced.
                      You could also use the "skewers" for mini chicken satay, etc.

                      One I actually make for parties a lot is mini brie encroute (sp?). Take Pilsbury cresent rolls, cut each "roll" into 2 triangles. Place in the center a small chunk of brie, a bit of raspberry jam, and a candied pecan from the snack isle, wrap and bake till golden brown. Really tastey and insultingly easy / quick.

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                        I was trying to think of something to do with tiny shrimp and also how to use toothpicks for skewers. Now, why didn't I think of putting them together, like you did! Brilliant!


                      2. Thanks so much for all the ideas! The party was Saturday and the menu included:

                        mini steak sandwiches
                        mini crab cakes
                        mini hamburgers
                        quail eggs benedict

                        plus some other non-miniature things. next time i DEFINITELY want to use baby corn somehow.

                        1. Grapes cut in half and brie.
                          (Sandwich a small piece of brie in the middle of a grape and slide onto a toothpick.)
                          Mini crabcakes, mini potato pancakes, olives stuffed with peppers, garlic or cheese.
                          Mini springrolls, or dumplings.

                          1. halved little new potatoes topped with sour cream and caviar.

                            1. I had whole deep fried sparrows in Burma. Next time you could serve those as whole roast chickens.