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Mar 8, 2007 07:42 AM

Authentic Cannoli

i've been in Austin for 14 years and have yet to find a decent Cannoli. I'm from New York/connecticut and am looking for a Cannoli that can compare to the pastry shops found in New haven.

I would love to find a great italian pastry shop, but at a bare minimum i NEED a good Cannoli.


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  1. I haven't scoured the area just yet, but so far the best that I've had have come from Whole Foods, which ain't saying much.

    There's this thread which might go undiscovered if you're searching the Austin board (it was on the Texas board):

    Also, upon reporting on a terrible cannoli I had at a place called Taverna, I was directed to find a good one at Asti. Still haven't verified this for myself.

    I miss my Boston North End cannolis.

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      Okay, so I don't know an authentic cannoli from an eclair. With that said, I know that Saccones has them on the menu and my desert loving friend thinks that they are great. Heresay, I know...

      1. re: Rene

        Tastes will always differ, but I like my cannolis:

        - filled to order (an absolute)
        - light, somewhat grainy filling that is higher on the chocolate/citron ratio
        - brittle, cookie-like shell (not too thick)
        - pistachio garnish (not some other nuts dyed green)

        And I would like one right now.

        1. re: Nab

          I have to say Mandola's market sounds like it would fit your criteria, EXCEPT for the custom filling issues. I, too, have had far too many bad cannoli down here- Mandolas were fantastic though.

          1. re: Nab


            Asti's chocolate cannoli are not traditional, though they’re not bad for Austin, where the desserts are usually more sweet than rich or complex. If I remember correctly, the chocolate shells at Asti are molded tuile cookies, which are very thin and crisp in texture, rather than the traditional fried, unyeasted, pastry dough. According to the menu (but not to my palate), their chocolate-mousse filling is “bittersweet.” You sure won’t find any sheep’s-milk ricotta inside your cannolo. Asti’s cannoli may even be garnished with chocolate chips. I ordered their cannoli once, then sampled a companion’s on another visit. I haven’t felt compelled to return for more.

            Although I didn't try the cannoli at Mandola's, I thought their other pastries were awful. (See: ). For what it’s worth.


            1. re: MPH

              MPH, thanks for your description, since I think it may have made my decision for me. Unfortunately, I don't think a chocolate cookie-shell, with a non-ricotta chocolate mousse filling, garnished with chocolate chips is just not my bag when it comes to cannoli. And I like chocolate, believe me !

              1. re: Nab

                I certainly haven't found a good cannoli here either. And being from Texas. I didn't even know what a good cannoli was until a few years ago - I visited the Termini Brothers Bakery in Reading Terminal in Philadelphia FILLED TO ORDER. If you are stuck in Austin and can't do without, you can order them for a very steep price:


                Anybody in Austin fill them to order?

            2. re: Nab

              Enoteca Vespaio does have pistachios on theirs. I can't remember if the filling had citron or not, however.

              1. re: Nab

                Thanks for the description. When someone asks for authentic tex-mex or bbq that's easy . But when someone asks for something that is authentic because it is a food Austin is not well versed in I'm often left shaking my head.

                Now I know what makes a cannoli authentic, at least to you.

          2. My girlfriend and I had a fantastic one at Vespaio on Valentine's Day. She's full-blood Italian (with the familial culinary origins to go with it) and said it was up there as one of her favorite ever.

            We also really enjoyed the one at Reale's. It's up there with the most of the rest of their menu offerings - above average.

            1. Got one at Madola's, it was not a Cannoli. Got one at Wholefoods...meh. Got one at Central Market..descent. I definitely want to try Vespaio

              1. You want Enoteca/Vespaio on South Congress. My roommate from upstate NY affirms that these Cannoli are the real deal, and they are usually filled to order. (I also consistently love the cheese plate here.)
                Mandola's (at the Triangle) is good at many things, and their cannoli are decent, though not filled to order.
                Asti makes a "chocolate cannoli" that is quite tasty, but is not actually related to the Italian original in anything but general shape. I love them, but if you want a real cannoli, this is not the place.

                1. paisanos resturaunt in georgetown supposedly makes a real good one