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Mar 8, 2007 07:26 AM

Roasted Chicken in Columbus, Ohio ?

I know some other cities like NY and LA have huge numbers of places offering up roasted (rotisserie) chicken for takeout, coming from every ethnic food background you can imagine. While I assume we have a much more limited supply, I wonder if anyone has had any in Columbus Ohio and if any were any good, the more obscure the better! (I know of Costco, which some folks are very big into their $5 roast chicken, I'm looking possibly for something a little less corporate).

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  1. CAM (Columbus Asian Market) on Bethel Road, in the shopping center with Microcenter, has a rotisserie and lots of roasted pork and duck that is wonderful for carryout. I'm not sure if they have chicken, but the pork and duck are great.

    1. I like to buy the chickens at Weiland's. I think they have roasted chickens every day, but on Saturdays they have smoked & roasted chickens. I like both, but usually just buy the roasted variety; however, one or two of the smoked carcasses really add something when making chicken stock!

      1. What part of town do you live in? The Broadmoor Market on the east side does excellent roast chicken and Amish made pies as well as a great meat market.

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          Thanks for the tips so far. I had never heard of Weiland's before, but their website made me want to take a visit, nor had I heard of Boradmoor Market Also roasted duck for carryout sounds wonderful. Thanks for all your leads! Oh and I live in the Short North, but I am willing to hike around...

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            Weiland's is great. I buy all of my meat there.

            If you are single, they have single serving prepared meals like stuffed peppers or country fried steak. In my bachelor days, I ate tons of those Weiland's meals. They also have some really good soups. I love their corn chowder.

            It is not the cheapest place in town -- some of their grocery items are ridiculously expensive. And you can find better produce at a lot of places. But their meat blows away other places like Carfagna's.