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Mar 8, 2007 07:08 AM

What are the retirement rules for Caphalon?

I have had my set since around 1992 and its starting to change color on the bottom half, inside, where the food usually lies. it looks like regular silvery metal rather than the dark Caphalon grey. It has also gotten funky whitish tinge on the outside, chalky/powdery looking. I got the set from Whole Earth Access -thats how old it is!

Time to replace?

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  1. There have been numerous posts on how Calphalon will replace it. You have to call them, send it in and wait for replacement. Do a search on Calphalon and you'll turn up a bunch of threads. Or just go to their website and contact customer service.

    I've not had to replace any of my Calphalon.

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      I did search on this topic but only about 10 results that had noting to do with the return policy came up. Thanks for the tip.

    2. I've dedicated my 6 qt. old Calphalon pot to no-knead bread baking. It's perfect.

      1. Mine is going to the Good Will since don't want to take the time to send it back and get the newer inferior stuff as a replacement. I am buying Cuisinart stainless cookware piece by piece as I need it and when I find what I want at TJ Maxx

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          That a good idea on just getting what you like at TJ maxx.

          1. re: mmerino

            I second that. I've gotten Calph at TJM, *reduced for clearance* in decent condition and a fraction of the price. Me and my pots/pans are happily cooking away.

            About returning it to Calph:
            I had a huge Calph pan that warped. I called them, and they said that you must pay to have it shipped back to them, and then *they will look at it and decide if it should be replaced* (i.e., if they think it's your fault, they won't replace it). That thing was pretty heavy! It would probably cost about $10 to ship back to Calph. And then they might not even replace it, and who knows if they would pay for shipping it back to me? Knowing how much they cost at TJM, I gave it to Goodwill and started over.

            1. re: xnyorkr

              I, too, had a pretty good sized Calph saute pan that warped (funny thing, huh?), but we did ship it back, and got a replacement in the mail. The new one seems like a good, easy to handle pan, and I applaud their standing behind their product after a number of years; but I like my All-Clad at least as much: but for the somewhat more awkward handles, I think my All-Clad saute pan performs somewhat more responsively and consistently. BTW, I have also used Cuisinart stainless, and it's a respectable alternative, especially for less critical applications.

        2. Calphalon still makes the good heavy duty stuff in addition to the inferior new stuff. Send in the good old stuff and you'll get the good new stuff.

          1. Thanks for this tip. I've had my good old heavy-gauge Calphalon for more than 20 years -- long before the company started making any with a no-stick coating. My smaller saucepans have been fine -- still the original Calphalon gray. My bigger one is now lighter inside, probably because I used Kuhn Rikon Swiss pot cleaner to try to get rid of discoloration in the bottom of the pot. The outside is just fine.