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Mar 8, 2007 07:03 AM

University of Michigan - Looking for a good restaurant

I am going to take my son to visit the University of Michigan this weekend. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good restaurant near the university?

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  1. Can you narrow down your request by cuisine, price, etc.? There are all sorts of good options in and around AA.

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    1. re: sammy o

      Since I'm bringing my teenage son, I think we want some place casual. I was reading online about Grizzly Peak, do you know anything about that? Also, we are going to be there on a Sunday night.

      1. re: sammy o

        Also, as far as cuisine, I think continental, mexican or japanese. For price, nothing too expensive, but I'm willing to pay for a good meal.

        1. re: ljmogil

          For inexpensive Japanese around Central Campus, Sadako on South University is the best.
          We really enjoy Eve in Kerrytown for Continental.
          For good Mexican, you'll have to drive east to Ypsilanti to Taqueria La Loma.
          If you don't mind paying more for a good meal - small plates and good wine, try Vinology on Main Street.

      2. To meet students, walk along South University Ave. just off the southeastern corner of the main campus. Nothing fancy along there, but there are several good Korean, Middle Eastern, and Thai places in among the chains. Or try Ashley's on State near William. This is a student bar with good beer selections and decent burgers and chili. On Saturday night it would be a zoo, but earlier in the day it's quieter.

        For a more grown-up atmosphere, a half-block to the north on State is the Red Hawk, a well-run restaurant with bar that draws theater crowds and the like. Also either of the two sushi bars in this area (Totoro, sushi.come) would be OK. Cottage Inn on William is a longtime local pizza standard.

        Fancier place near campus: Zanzibar on State. Fancier still: The Earle Uptown in the Bell Tower Hotel.

        Famed local institution: Zingerman's deli, about a 5-10 min. walk from campus.

        All these are walkable from Central Campus. As Sammy O. says, there are many other options.

        1. You really have to do Zingerman''s world renowned, and for good reason(s).
          If you want an ethnic hole-in-the-wall experience with student friendly pricing, give Jerusalem Garden a try.

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          1. re: g rote

            I'm not a huge fan of Jerusalem Garden, but I do agree that out-of-towners should go to Zingerman's. If you want good cheap Korean, try Kang's on S. University for a good authentic "hole in the wall" experience.

          2. Grizzly Peak has really great food for a microbrewery. Note that I didn't say it is haute cuisine. It is just so unexpected to get food this good in a microbrew in a college town. Oh, and stay away from the Arbor Brewing Co. Same idea, horrible food. The recs for South University are good ones if you want the whole college experience. But if you want to get away from it for a while, try some of the places on Main. Oh, Zingerman's is unique, but very, very crowded on weekends.

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            1. re: Phaedrus

              Arbor Brewing has great beer, not so great food. Grizzly Peak has better food, not so great beer. I'd pick Arbor Brewing most every time, because if I want to go to a microbrewery, the beer has to be great.

              1. re: momskitchen

                I hate Arbor's food. more than I dislike Grizzly Peak's beer. So I do the reverse.

                1. re: Phaedrus

                  I can't fault you for that, Phaedrus! I must say I like going to the Corner Brewery in Ypsi (same people own it as Arbor Brewing) and order carryout from another restaurant and have it delivered there. They don't have food there, but they have great beer.

                  1. re: Phaedrus

                    I know this thread is 2.5 years old, but since it still comes up in Google searches, I figure it's worth noting that Arbor Brewing Company has completely redone their menu. It's still not on par with Grizzly Peak, for sure, but it's a vast improvement. I lean toward their fish n chips or the fish tacos, but I've even had a turkey reuben that was passable.

                    I love their beer, though, so GP often loses out. Although there are occasions where I would kill for their Brewery Steak sandwich. Omnomnomnom.


                    1. re: XX_with_gusto

                      I think that Arbor Brewing still leaves me wanting better food....but I really like the new Jolly Pumpkin on Main - I love the beer, and the food is good, too.

              2. You have to go to Zingerman's. There's also a really well-known vegetarian restaurant that's been open for years and years, though I can't remember the name. Even if you're a meat lover, you'll like this place.