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Kosher in/near North Shore of Long Island

I'm moving to Sea Cliff, on the North Shore--It's north of Roslyn, near Glen Cove. I have friends and family members who only eat kosher (they would not eat "kosher style"...). i believe the nearest kosher restaurants are in Great Neck, although heading south, I know there's a kosher bagel boss on intersection of Old Country/Clinton Road.
Both of these areas are about 15-20 minutes away. Are there any kosher restaurants/ grocery stores...that are closer, or just as close? Anywhere I can find Abels and Hyman hot dogs?
Also, for me, where is best shwarma in the vicinity??
I am going to suffer from hardcore shwarma withdrawal coming from queens. Can anynoe give me the lowdown on shwarma/middle eastern food scene in great neck, or anyplace close --will travel for good shwarma!

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  1. There is a Ben's Deli (Hebrew National, not Shomer Shabbat) in the shopping center at Glen Cove Road and Northern Blvd. Also, there is a Bagel Boss on Willis Ave. just south of the Northern State. I'm sure there are more in the Roslyn world, but I don't know them. Try shamash.org.

    1. thanks--I guess I should modify--for family i need Kosher/shomer shabbas places

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        In Roslyn proper there is a Kolbeh (1 Intervale Road, Roslyn). They are part of the same chain you know from Queens - very good persian food, but I don't believe they have shwarma. There was a shwarma place (Hummous World) under the VHQ, but the VHQ pulled their hashgacha in May 2006 and I don't know what happened after that.

        As mentioned above there is a Bagel Boss on Willis just below the Northern State. They are under a reliable hashgacha (Rabbi Asher Schechter - if you are from Queens you may know his FIL - Rabbi Peretz Steinberg from the YI of Queens Valley) but are not closed shabbos.

        Other than those you will need to drive to Great Neck or Queens.

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          I can't speak to the status of hashgacha at Hummous World but I can say that the schwarma is out of this world! I make a point to go there whenever I visit family on Long Island.

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            Supervision is now under Cantor Ofer Barnoy of Temple Beth Sholom in Roslyn.

            TBS is a few blocks from the store. The food is excellent!

      2. Great Neck- Shish Kabob Palace has good Schwarma. There is also a glatt kosher butcher in Great Neck. In addition to Colbeh, Great Neck has Chosen (Kosher Chinese), Bistro (Steakhouse), Danny's (Persian), Wok Tov (Chinese), Roasters(Fast food & Chinese).There are also several Kosher pizza places.

        Plainview- Fairway supermarket (lots of kosher products), Kosher Food Emporium (kosher butcher & takeout), Hunki's Kosher Pizza.

        Roslyn Heights- Bagel Boss, Colbeh (Persian), Bon Appetit (Glatt Kosher takeout)

          1. I went to Hummus world for lunch today--had the shawafal--excellent--the falafel balls and salad were frech and delicious, the shwarma was very good--the shawafal sawich is so massive, the actual shwarma kind of gets lostin there, but it was good.
            next time i get the shwarma platter, with some falafel balls on the side...
            as for hechsher--it's a shame, but maybe they'll get a new one...

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              I tried to go to Hummos World the other day based on reccomendations here, and frankly, the place is extremely tiny and cramped, and there was no room for our baby, and us, etc...place to me is strictly for takeout, or single person eating...not a family destination to stay in...will try it on takeout basis, as it is not a comfortable place to sit for longer than 10 minutes..............the atmosphere should definitely be mentioned here, and it was not previously mentioned on the outer boroughs...in case someone is going out of their way to try it...

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                sorry janie--your description is right on--very tight and uncomfortable--both times I've gone (including yesterday) i went solo...
                But the food is very good!!

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                  I finally got there yesreday and it was terrific. You are right about the cramped space, I happen to have been eating solo so it was not a problem. There was a large family that took up half the seats, but I got one of the last remaining seats. Despite that, I can't say enough good things about the place food wise. The chicken is stacked on the vetical spit and the spices and juices drip down as it cooks resulting in awesome tasting chicken. Individual pieces could have been bigger, but the total amount was more than enough. I ordered the schwarma and said yes when they asked me if I wanred everything and I got a very large sandwich. They took a decent tasting pocket pita ( this would be a better sandwich with fresh baked pita or a naan type bread), opened it and slathered on a huge amount of hummus. They then added meat, hot sauce, pickeled vegetables, fresh vegetables and a white sauce. The sandwich ingredients are therefore poorly distributed, so I had to spill out the top stuff and eat it with a fork as I ate the sandwich. I got a side of fries, Cisco stuff, skip it. I can't wait to go back and try the babaganoush and other slads.