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Mar 8, 2007 06:50 AM

Kosher in/near North Shore of Long Island

I'm moving to Sea Cliff, on the North Shore--It's north of Roslyn, near Glen Cove. I have friends and family members who only eat kosher (they would not eat "kosher style"...). i believe the nearest kosher restaurants are in Great Neck, although heading south, I know there's a kosher bagel boss on intersection of Old Country/Clinton Road.
Both of these areas are about 15-20 minutes away. Are there any kosher restaurants/ grocery stores...that are closer, or just as close? Anywhere I can find Abels and Hyman hot dogs?
Also, for me, where is best shwarma in the vicinity??
I am going to suffer from hardcore shwarma withdrawal coming from queens. Can anynoe give me the lowdown on shwarma/middle eastern food scene in great neck, or anyplace close --will travel for good shwarma!

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  1. There is a Ben's Deli (Hebrew National, not Shomer Shabbat) in the shopping center at Glen Cove Road and Northern Blvd. Also, there is a Bagel Boss on Willis Ave. just south of the Northern State. I'm sure there are more in the Roslyn world, but I don't know them. Try

    1. thanks--I guess I should modify--for family i need Kosher/shomer shabbas places

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        In Roslyn proper there is a Kolbeh (1 Intervale Road, Roslyn). They are part of the same chain you know from Queens - very good persian food, but I don't believe they have shwarma. There was a shwarma place (Hummous World) under the VHQ, but the VHQ pulled their hashgacha in May 2006 and I don't know what happened after that.

        As mentioned above there is a Bagel Boss on Willis just below the Northern State. They are under a reliable hashgacha (Rabbi Asher Schechter - if you are from Queens you may know his FIL - Rabbi Peretz Steinberg from the YI of Queens Valley) but are not closed shabbos.

        Other than those you will need to drive to Great Neck or Queens.

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          I can't speak to the status of hashgacha at Hummous World but I can say that the schwarma is out of this world! I make a point to go there whenever I visit family on Long Island.

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            Supervision is now under Cantor Ofer Barnoy of Temple Beth Sholom in Roslyn.

            TBS is a few blocks from the store. The food is excellent!

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        1. Great Neck- Shish Kabob Palace has good Schwarma. There is also a glatt kosher butcher in Great Neck. In addition to Colbeh, Great Neck has Chosen (Kosher Chinese), Bistro (Steakhouse), Danny's (Persian), Wok Tov (Chinese), Roasters(Fast food & Chinese).There are also several Kosher pizza places.

          Plainview- Fairway supermarket (lots of kosher products), Kosher Food Emporium (kosher butcher & takeout), Hunki's Kosher Pizza.

          Roslyn Heights- Bagel Boss, Colbeh (Persian), Bon Appetit (Glatt Kosher takeout)