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Romantic Birthday dinner venue required - Monday Night

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Help fellow foodies! I need to find a good restaurant preferably downtown Toronto for my boyfriend's birthday dinner which happens to fall on a Monday this year. Unfortunately, most of the good upscale places (e.g. Splendido) are closed on Mondays...does anyone have any good suggestions to offer?

Many thanks!

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  1. Perhaps give Colborne Lane a call and see if they are open: http://www.colbornelane.com/

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      Susur, Bymark, Jamie Kennedy, Cava, Mistura- I think you'll find many higher-end restos open on mondays-

    2. Try

      1. Opus...without a doubt.

        1. Rain is nice and romantic, my boyfriend took me there for my birthday. Nice ambiance and the food is good too.

          1. I like the atmosphere at Amuse Bouche.