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Mar 8, 2007 06:45 AM

Suggestions of what to serve with rock shrimp tempura?

The little suckers are on sale on Fresh Direct, so I'm going to try to fry up a batch and serve with a spicy mayo sauce, alongside an Asian spinach salad. Does anyone have a suggestion for a third element to the meal? I'm stumped as to what would be a complement. Thank you!

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  1. Some soba noodles perhaps, especially cold with a dashi based dipping sauce. If you can find some sashimi grade tuna, one of my wife's favorites is to sear it (for mere moments) and serve it with some toasted sesame seeds and ponzu sauce.

    Whatever the 3rd element, it sounds like a great meal!

    1. Why not cut up some other veggies or potatoes or sweet potatoes and make tempura with them.

      1. In terms of the sauce - I don't know if this is what you've had in mind in terms of spice, but I've had a lovely horseradish sauce with rock shrimp tempura in a restaurant.

        1. I'm surprised no one else suggested this, but rice. You could also make some veggies to add to the tempura. Green beans, sweet potatoes, and onions are pretty standard. I also favor the more traditional tempura sauce to a mayo base. It's just mirin, dashi and soy sauce usually.

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            I was thinking along the same lines. I would use the shrimp to make larb and serve it with sticky rice.

          2. Thanks, hounds! (Kind of can't believe rice didn't occur to me before...)