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Old Montreal

My husband and I will be in Montreal next week with our 4.5 yr old son staying in Old Monreal. Any suggestions for kid friendly fine dining would be appreciated. No pizza parlours or fast food restos please. Ethnic restos, steakhouses cafes or delis would be great. I'm new to this site but have been lurking for awhile--Great site!!!
Thank You!

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  1. Try Brasserie Holder on Mc Gill is great choice, Gibbys is kid friendly as well

    1. Restaurant du Vieux Port is another suggestion. Food is good and reasonable too.

      1. Be careful as Old Montreal tourist traps abound. A few reliables:

        Lunch: Olive et Gourmando on St. Paul. Fantastic soup and sandwhichwes and a Valhrona brownie that is to die for. Closed Mondays.
        Brunch: Le Cartet, on McGill.
        Dinner: Chez l'Épicier on St. Paul. Inventive market cuisine, upscale service, good wine list, casual atmosphere.

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          What do you think about Casa de Matteo, Steak Frites St-Paul, Brasserie Holder,
          Boris Bistro or Bistro Gourmet.Also suggestions for a good, cheap lunch ie) smoked meat, steamies bagels etc... would be appreciated. Thanks!

        2. Stash Cafe on St. Paul has decent Polish food.


          1. Casa de Matteo didn't wow me. For I haven't been to Seak Frites St. Paul or Bistro Gourmet. Brasserie Holder is a reliable bet. Boris Bistro is decent bistro fare... but it really shines in the summer when you can sit outdoors.

            For "ethnic" and good cheap lunches head to "the Plateau" neighbourhood. Indulge in the battle of the bagels by sampling both St. Viateur and Fairmont (you can walk between the two). Also see http://endlessbanquet.blogspot.com/ 's list of favourites... (he used to be the pastry chef at a great resto) as their recommendations are pretty solid.

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              Thanks! My husband loves fois gras and duck confit--both of which are avail. at Brasserie Holder. So that is where I think we will go Friday night.As for Casa de Matteo we have reservations Thurs..A Montrealer that I work with highly recommended it--menu doesn't look too bad and reviews have been mixed.Maybe I will cancel and try
              something else.Any other suggestions would be appreciated. It's been about 6 years since we were in Montreal and things have changes a bit.Thanks for the input.

            2. Depotdoll,
              Steak Frites on St-Paul is another good choice too. I brought my child there at a year old, and we had absolutely no problems. And the steaks are not that bad. Good prices too. Check the specials on the chalkboard.

              1. Ok so it may be between Brasserie Holder and Steak Frites--which one is better for Fri. night dinner,Hurry---I gotta make reservations!!! Thanks--again any other suggestions totally appreciated.I"m so excited!!!!

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                  Steak Frites St-Paul is thoroughly unremarkable. The meat is of very good quality, but everything else on the menu is merely just ok. Go for Holder and try the braised veal cheek. I guarantee you will plotz. The decor and brasserie atmosphere at Holder are also a lot more interesting. Your son will have pelnty to look at and keep him occupied. They also have a great bar for pre-dinner drinks.

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                    Thank you--there's just too many yo choose from and not enough time to enjoy them all.I'm dialing the number as i type!!!

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                      Just returned from our trip to Montreal. Thanks to all who gave suggestions.Thoroughly enjoyed afternoon hot chocolate and treat at Juliette et Chocolate.Yummy!!! Casa de Mateo--not bad nice atmosphere for taking children--very friendly personal service.The tableside guacamole is a bit gimmicky but really tasty--really enjoyed the daiquiri--portions huge--food average though.Overall a really nice experience. Holder on the other hand was Fantastic.Couldn't have been a better enviornment for my son.He had side of french green bean--his fav.veg and couldn't get enough of them--fish and chips really flavourful and the best tartar sauce i've had---and I don't really enjoy it.My husband had the duck confit--really tasty and i had the beef cheek.All i can say is it was a little bit of heaven in every bite.I was sorry i had to leave Montreal but rest assured we will be back sooner than later and I will be armed with another list of restos to try!!!

                2. With a small child, you might want to check out Montréal's relatively small original Chinatown, right next to the Old City. I can't think of any particularly noteworthy restaurants - you might want to do a search on this site - but there is a variety of family-friendly Chinese, Vietnamese and other East and Southeast Asian cuisines. A place we often end up at around there is the cheap but cheerful Deer Garden (Jardin Deer) a Bring-your-own-wine place at the northwest corner of St-Laurent and René-Lévesque.