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Mar 8, 2007 06:28 AM

Traveling with frozen kosher meals

For those of you have traveled to places where kosher food is not easily available, and have brought sealed frozen meals packaged by a restaurant or take-out place:

What is the best way to handle the arrangements with the hotel for storing, heating, and serving you your meals? Do you contact someone on the hotel staff in advance of your trip to make sure that they will accomodate your needs?

More specificly, can you tell me of any hotels, in the U.S. or worldwide who have been amenable to such requests, and handled them well without too many glitches.


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  1. I usually make sure that the hotel/motel that I go to has a microwave in room and either has or has an option to have a frig. I also usually try to go to an all suite hotel/motel. Last time I went to Orlando I went to an all suite motel - full kitchen, bedroom and living room. It had a large frig with a decent size freezer. I brought a mess load of frozen dinners and had a ball.

    1. Thanks! I know that the suite option, with a kitchen is the ideal, but there are some locations where only hotel rooms are available, and at most they can provide a mini fridge with very little room for storing frozen meals.

      1. I did a web search and found the following site, may prove usefull. I cannot vouch for them since I never used them, Google found them.

        "Kosher Meals To Go" http://www.koshermealstogo.com/

        1. I've been using LaBiute Meals. Hardly haut cuisine, but they save me the trouble of finding a microwave.

          1. Tastybite is also very good...