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Mar 8, 2007 06:12 AM

Any recent Black Pearl reports

The reports on this board have not been all that great since they reopened on W. 26th Street a couple of months ago. I've been twice, and I think it shows promise, but it clearly has a ways to go. I'm hoping (especially because I live only two blocks away) that it's just a matter of time before it gets its bearings. Any recent visits among the Hounds to report?

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  1. I was somewhat critical of Black Pearl after my first visit on opening night. However, I got takeout lobster rolls the other night and they were appropriately sized this time (to those who doubted my original post about the lack of lobster in my roll on opening night, there was a substantial increase in meat) and quite delicious. So that's a move in the right direction.

    1. I had dinner with a good friend a few weeks ago and we were both thoroughly disappointed. The lobster roll just doesn't compare to Mary's, POB or BLT Fish Shack. The fish and chips were uneventful. The service was superb but not enough to bring me back. Too many better places out there.

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        That's certainly disappointing. I would suggest, however, that you be open to another visit if the reviews improve, as it often can take a while for a new place to get its bearings. (Anyone remember how bad the reviews of RUB were initially? Far worse than the tepid reviews we're seeing of Black Pearl.) I've got my fingers crossed!

      2. Went there a couple of weekends ago with three other friends. All of us had the lobster roll and while we all agreed it was good enough and contained plenty of lobster, some of us decided we'd had better. The service was horrendous though. We ordered 2 dozen oysters specifically asking for them to come before the lobster rolls. Didn't happen. About 5 minutes after we received our roll, our server apologized and asked if we still wanted the oysters. We did, if it was relatively soon. After we finished everything, they STILL had not brought the oysters out, at which point we cancelled the ordering which made the server look very upset. Also the dessert we wanted on the menu was unavailable.

        1. I hated this place. Nothing good about it. I have been twice and that's enough. Lobster rolls are very uneventful, the music is horrid and the atmosphere is nothing special. Every time I walk by, it's EMPTY.

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            Yeah, they clearly haven't attracted much business. I initially attibuted it to their soft opening, but two months later than should have changed.

            When I was there, the music was good blues. What were they playing when you were there?

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              I don't remember the music but it was something like cheesy Hawaiian.

              I think it's a tough location to have lots of business. It's still early but I really didn't like the food (also, I am comparing to its competitors like MFC which I love so much)

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                I've never been to Mary's, but I LOVE Pearl. I want Black Pearl to be good and to succeed so much 'cause it's two blocks from me!

          2. There is potential here, but so far it's mediocre at best. I live nearby and have sampled a handful of items so far. It seems that the fried foods are pretty good and the lobster is decent. However, some of the fresh fish entrees and even the half chicken are very bland and under seasoned. Service definitely needs work. In fact, every time I have been there I have seen a completely different staff, both waiters and bartenders. Also, I think they need to improve the winelist a bit. Prices are very high for the wine. The list is fairly limited and could certainly be expanded to offer a much wider selection. An extensive, fun, and creative wine list (perhaps small producers?) at a better value would go along way to complete the experience here. I'm hopeful things improve as they work out the kinks but time is passing by and improvements have been slow to materialize...