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Mar 8, 2007 06:08 AM

Italian food in Huntington Beach

Looking for fresh Italian ideas in Huntington Beach. Any word on La Fontana? (Beach)

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  1. It's been several years since we went to La Fontana but I remember we were quite impressed. His menu features mostly northern Italian dishes and they were well prepared. I think the only reason we haven't made a return trip is because hubby is more into southern Italian and likes his red sauces and lasagna. We usually go to Ciaos, Rombi's or the little Italian restaurant (can't remember the name) that's in Sunset Beach.

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      Ciao is Gone!
      For a fresh experience try Mangia, Mangia (HB)

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        I enjoy Rombi's- good food and decent service. Although, it's not comparable to a good Italian place in a larger city.

      2. has anyone tried Davio's in the target lot off of Beach? just wondering if it's any good.

        1. Never been to La Fontana, but I second Mangia, Mangia. Good food and friendly service.
          Is Rombi's open? Everytime I've driven by it's looks like it's closed.

          1. In addition to the places suggested above, I also like Lugatti's, on Walnut & 5th, in downtown HB. Very casual. Same owners as Lino's at Edinger & Edwards, but imho Lugatti's food is better.

            1. Isn't Mangia Mangia the same chef that started at Antonello's?