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best brownie

I am constantly on the quest for an excellent brownie, but am always disappointed. Everything I have tried is too cakey and dry. I'm looking for fudgey, moist, with an intense chocolaty flavor. Fat witch in chelsea market was better than most, but still not what i'm looking for. Can anyone help?

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  1. I don't have enough experience with NYC brownies to recommend "the best," but the burger joint at Le Parker Meridien serves a surprisingly good brownie. I wouldn't call it fudgey; it's more cakey but not at all dry (which is the style I happen to like; I don't like when they're too fudgey, but of course I'm not interested in a dry brownie either).

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      Strangely enough, it's a fantasic brownie. A reason in and of itself to go, IMHO.

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        I concur ! It beats all the made from scratch brownies served in the proper bakeries.

    2. chez le chef on lexington had a pretty good brownie. i got one but was told to heat it up when i got home since it was in a refrigerated case at the bakery. i thought it looked hard and dry looking but once it had 10 seconds of the microwave, it was crackly on the outside but fudgy on the inside. i'm sure he could have warmed it up for me himself, but it was a to go order that i was planning to eat until a couple of hours later anyway

      1. the melted chocolate chip cookie at tisserie is basically an incredibly rich cookie-shaped brownie studded with chocolate bits. i've only tried it twice when someone else had one (it's a bit too much for me), but it seemed pretty moist, and it's definitely very intense.

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          I so agree about the melted choc chip cookie at Tisserie. It really is more like a brownie. I am addicted and get this all the time. Brownies are my fave dessert and I can't find good ones anywhere so I usually just bake them myself. Tisserie is a great call!

        2. Clinton Street Bakery! There brownie is fantastic and you won't have to wait 2 hours to get at it. And the chocolate chips have some crazy shape so they look like the old school brownies you see in 50s movies.

          A tad pricey though.

          Nearby Sugar Sweet sunshine has a bad brownie. But their blondie is ok.

          1. The carmel brownie at The Little Pie Company is one of the best things I've ever had. It is a rich gooey brownie with what seems like melted caramel baked on the top. Delicious! And I agree that most brownies are pretty dry and nasty.

            1. the brownies at the chocolate bar in the west village. the spicy one is wow.

              1. take a look at the one sold at dishes-have never tried it- made from valhrona (sp) choc....when in SF, try ones made from scharffenberger choc

                1. I once had a really good brownie A la mode at Lexington Candy Shop on the UES.

                  I asked if they made their own brownies and was told they get them from http://www.betsysplace.com/catalog/in...

                  That was a couple of years ago...but it was very good.


                  1. try The Original Sandwich Shop on Greenwich Ave. Gotta get the hot turkey sandwich on semolina first though. so friggin good.

                    1. Taste Bud
                      173 Chrystie St
                      New York, NY 10002
                      (212) 447-0555
                      This place does a lot of catering. I dont know if it is an actual resteraunt but they have the best brownies.

                      1. This is a topic I feel strongly about, as I, too, am on a quest to discover NYC's best brownie! So far, the ones that top my list are Fat Witch, City Bakery and Le Pain Quotidien.

                        1. I agree that brownies can be very hit and miss. I love the brownies at Paradis on 4th ave and 12th street. I also like the chocolate brownie cookies at Max Brenner (though I don't like much of their food) I also must admit that Starbuck's mocha brownie is pretty damn good, as is their mini chocolate brownie cookie (and its small so you can have just a taste).

                          1. Le Pain Quotidien and Fat Witch are good. I've been in a brownie mood this month so tried a few. I liked the ones fro The Treats Truck, Blue Dog Cafe (make sure it's a thawed one), and a walnut one I had from the Pax Wholesome Foods. They actually had a nice looking variety. I like them more fudgy and less cakey.

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                              Second Le Pain Quotidien's belgian brownie . Very good flavor and good size. Fat Witch brownies are way too sweet for me. Heard that the Treats Truck brownie is good - but never tried.

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                                I like treats Truck brownie, but it's not very fudgey. It's more of a chewy brownie, which I prefer.

                            2. I know that this info is a bit too late. But if you're looking for a fudgey, moist brownie, you'll probably like the brownies at goodburger.

                              1. My go to bakery for pretty much everything. Greenberg's on the UES has fantastic brownies. And, while your there, pick up a black and white cookie and a cinnamon babka. Can't go wrong.

                                1. I like the brownie from Jacques Torres a lot. At the store, they are always the first items to run out.

                                  1. I don't know how far you're willing to go for a brownie, but the ones at Glasser's on the UES (1st and 87th) are my first choice. They are the only ones I've found that are really fudgey and dense. Check the hours before you go, it's a single family business (they were just closed for the past 6 weeks for vacation) so they don't stay open as late and I think they are closed Sundays.

                                    On a side note, I like their miniature black and whites too.

                                    1. I had a really good one at PJ Clarke's