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Mar 8, 2007 06:04 AM

Diabetic Eats

Any recommendations for good eats for a diabetic in Middlesex Co-Princeton corridor?

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    1. There are many types of restaurants where diabetics can eat well. It's a matter of selecting wisely from the menu and, of course, not over-eating. So, what exactly are you looking for?

      1. I'm looking for lowfat Chinese, Indian and Mexican, with a good harmony of protein (very little red meat of the medium fat or more category), moderate carbs, light fat. Also any Jewish deli suggestions that are not heavy on the fat?

        1. When it comes to Jewish or Jewish-style deli sandwiches, turkey (fresh white meat) is the not heavy on fat. The problem is usually the size of the sandwich. Most delis pile way too much meat on the bread, so I would eat just half and take the other half home. Many delis offer a lunch special of a cup of soup and half a sandwich. I suggest you try Lox, Stock & Deli, in E. Brunswick (Middlesex County). While I've not been there, I have been going for many years to its older sibling, Jesse & David's, in Manalapan. A very good deli, so I presume SL&D is as well.

          The best approach in Chinese restaurants is to avoid dishes cooked in oil. Instead, order more healthful dishes, like steamed chicken with broccoli. Of course, go easy on the rice. We've gone to Shanghai Park, in Highland Park, for their steamed buns (aka soup dumplings), which are excellent. I've not had any other dishes there.

          When it comes to Indian cuisine, again, avoid the fried things and opt for the dishes cooked in the tandoor or clay oven. Moghul, a fine restaurant, in Edison, has quite a few chicken dishes prepared that way. There are also good fish and vegetarian dishes that would work well for a diabetic's diet. Check out the menu on their website.

          In my view, Mexican restaurants are the toughest when it comes to avoiding fats. The least problematical thing to order would probably be chicken fajitas. I'm not familiar with any Mexican restaurants in the Princeton/Middlesex area. My favorite is El Meson, in Freehold.

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            I can help with Mexican.

            There's a Mexican dive called "Crazy Burrito" on Plainfield Ave. between Rt. 1 and Rt. 27. If you're coming from Rt. 1, turn onto Plainfield Ave. toward Rt. 27, and it will be in a brick shopping center on your left. It has authentic Mexican food and it's CHEAP. Their burritos are big, but have a lot of rice in it. There is not a lot of cheese in them, so you're ok there. Just tell them to go easy on the sour cream. There is also Jose Tejas on Rt. 1, which I love. Here's their menu,....
            There's a Mexican restaurant in Princeton Shopping Center called Taste of Mexico and one on Leigh Street called Tortugas (
            )I agree with RGR, Mexican is the hardest to find healthy options. All my health boards say to order the fajitas at mexican restaurants.

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              have a question about Jose Tejas.Im going with someone that just had back surgery and was wondering about the seats they have.Do they have booths or tables and chairs,Is there a place to sit down and wait,Thanks

              1. re: rzoe714

                I haven't bit there in years but I recall wooden tables and chairs. No booths nor waiting area that I can remember.

                1. re: bgut1

                  We have been trying to go to the Jose Tejas in Woodbridge for weeks with no luck. No reservations, no waiting area, waits were 60 to 90 minutes NOT during prime time. Parking was also very tight for the size of the place.

                  It is right next to the mall, so I don't know what day/time would be best to go (assuming one works during the weekdays).

                  1. re: rakh

                    Jose Tejas does not have booths. ONLY waiting area is high stools in the bar, extremely noisy. YOU can only get in without a wait on saturday or sunday, from opening to around 1ish, or weekdays around 4-5. After that, BOOKED. I dont get it but my children (grown) love this place. !

          2. Mexican is hard because of all that carb laden white rice. I agree that fajitas are the best you can get. In fact my DW made some at home tonight with whole wheat tortillas, chicken with lime, onions, peppers, low fat cheese (less carbs then fat free) and a little fat free "refried" beans. Top it off with pico and salsa and your good to go. Not something you want every night but not a bad splurge when the craving hits. Good Luck.