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Mar 8, 2007 05:58 AM

Barcelona! Any suggestions / ammendments to itinerary greatly appreciated

NYC chowhounders here will be going to barcelona for the first time next thursday and i am very excited! my whole itinerary, as usual, is centered around food, but i'm starting to second guess my decisions... if anyone has better suggestions / recommendations please chime in and let me know! any help from fellow chowhounds is much appreciated...

Thursday (arriving in early evening): dinner at Senyor Paralleda
Midnight snack in Eixample at Cerveceria Catalana

Friday: while walking along the Ramblas, snack of flauta d’ibéric d.o. jabugo at Cafe Viena
Stop by Boqueria market, maybe another snack at Bar Pinotxo :)
go wait on line for a late lunch at Cal Pep. << how bad is this line at lunch on a weekday? should we be concerned? what time should we go?
Bubo for a dessert-ish snack
dinner at Passidis del Pep

now this is where it's a bit open and gets tricky:
Saturday: we have a lunch res at botafumeiro, but the more i read posts about it, i feel like it's not really worth the money / trip etc. is the tasting menu at cinc sentits too much food for lunch? it is near all the stuff we're doing that day (pedrera, casa battlo, etc). or does anyone recommend comerc 24 over this?
later: snacks at el xampanyet after meseu picasso.
dinner again is open. i have inopia and origen 99% written down. is origen a good place to eat or is it more of a foodstuff shop? can majo? taller de tapas? perhaps we should make a res at a more upscale place? maybe do the tasting at comerc?

i think we definitely want to try senyor paralleda, cal pep and passidis del pep. any plate recs definitely appreciated! saturday is a bit of a mess! please help fellow foodies!

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  1. Let us know how the 'Peps' go - they've been closed both times I've been in Barcelona so am very jealous - but my food loving parents are going out there soon for their Christmas present so would like a current opinion before sending them there!
    I don't think you've spent enough time in Boqueria is was my every day breakfast and lunch source, to the point where I wished I'd gone self catering. Otherwise - I'll leave the restaurants to you as you clearly know what you want - but if you want icecream (it should be warm enough) go to El Born Minyo down from the Picasso museum, looks touristy but serves really good icecream!

    1. Be at Cal Pep at least 10 minutes before it opens - otherwise, the line can be forever! Not sure how late they serve lunch, but perhaps someone else can comment on how hard to get a seat as the afternoon wears on. At least you're pretty much guaranteed of setting a seat if you get there earlier enough. It is SO worth it - one of my favorite eating experiences ever!

      We weren't impressed by Botafumiero, BTW.

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        this is good info to know. i actually read more poor reviews of botafumeiro and have decided to replace it with the 40Eur seasonal omakase at Cinc Sentits. i've heard the tasting menu, which is 65Eur, is the same number of courses but includes their signature dishes. can anyone attest to whether this is worth the extra 25Eur? also, still looking for a place for dinner saturday night..

      2. I was just there, Mar. 31 - April 7! I too had a list similar to yours, but due to weather and extenuating circumstances I didn't get to cross them all off my list. BUT - here is what I did do:
        *Don't listen to Mark Bittman at NYTimes. The best "flauta de Jamon Iberico" is not at Cafe Viena but at Tenorio in Eixample, on the Passeig de Gracia.
        *Be sure to make a reservation for Comerca 24, otherwise you may be out of luck
        *Wake up early and have breakfast at Pinotxo Bar in La Boqueria. Have the Tortilla and pan con tomate, and the chick peas. The chick peas were amazing.
        *We took a cooking class that included a shopping tour of La Boqueria with "Cook & Taste" Cooking school, located on Las Ramblas. We made this arrangement before we arrived:
        *Definitely go to Bubo Bakery & Bubo bar for amazing tapas
        *Have lunch and/or tapas at Euskal Etxea, near the Picasso Museum. Excellent (El Xampanyet was closed).
        *Great, hip new cookie shop called "Demasie" in El Born, on Princessa28 (very short distance from Picasso Museum
        )*Eat a meal at Cuines Santa Caterina, located in the Santa Caterina Market
        *Try a hot chocolate. It's like pudding. Cafe Zurich, while touristy, has a great one.
        *Taller de Tapas was good, but best if you go in the afternoon. There are lines out the door in the evening.
        * Don't bother with "Cheese Me" which is across from Taller. It's good foodwise, but the service was so bad it killed our buzz.
        * Excellent bar: Bar Mut, located on Carrer de Pau Claris in Eixample. Have a vermut with the funky seltzer bottles.
        I loved Barcelona and can't wait to go back! Hope you have a great time.

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          Tenorio, eh? I can't find anything on it. Got a review or link?

          Pinotxo is better for breakfast than lunch?

          Anything to eat in the Montjuic area?

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            I saw on some travel show that did Barcelona (some thing I found on Blockbuster forget the name) that there is a cookout on the weekends on Montjuc with little tables and fantastic views great for lunch you might want something a little more spectacular for dinner. Supposed to be really yummy, but I haven't been there yet (going in June). Maybe someone else has details.

        2. The original comment has been removed