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Pizza Toppings? What's your fav?

I enjoy making homemade pizza ...dough, sauce, and I vary the toppings..I'm making pizza for dinner and would like to put a new spin on the toppings. I normally use, carmelized onion, roasted red peppers, pineapple, and caciatorre sausage sliced..For the cheese combination I use, grated Fruilano, Aged Provolone, and Mozzarella, my sauce is a can of crushed Utopia tomatoes, fresh thyme, S & P, a little extra virgin olive oil, sugar, red pepper flakes. Soooo, help me please ...give me some new ideas here.

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  1. Lardo if you can get your hands on it. Proscuitto works well as well. Mmm...pork :)

    1. pear with proscutto.
      fig with proscutto

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        Ahhhhhh now there's a combo I like alot..Thanks Would never think of fig & proscuitto mmmmm

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          fig, proscuitto and for cheese, a little brie is good.
          my mom used to make a flatbread with those on top. the recipe called for blue, though, but i like brie more. I'm sure blue would go well with the fig and proscuitto.

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            Brie yaya that's the ticket for that combo...Thanks Jeserf!! I like the sound of that combo...

          1. If I had to pick one topping it would be proscutto.

            Some other toppings I like to add on ocassions are gorgonzola cheese, sliced meatballs, fried eggplant, carmelized onion, spinach & feta, fresh basil.

            Usually no more than two toppings I'll add in addition to the sauce & cheese.

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              Agreed on the sliced meatballs. If a pizza joint is offering this topping I always go for it.

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                aha wow..I've got some homemade meatballs leftover in my fridge as I type..Wow I never thought of that...weird..My Husband would love that idea...Mmmm wow this was a good idea to ask the chows today!! Meatballs huh? Never thought of that lol

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                totally agree with the 'no more than two toppings in addition to sauce and cheese' thought.

              3. Italian sausage, and mushroom


                Italian Sausage, Italian Beef, Green peppers, and giardiniera

                1. Feta cheese and kalamata olives on pizza are terrific

                  1. I second the feta cheese- baking it on a pizza brings out the flavor and changes the texture a bit. I love to pair it with artichoke hearts. Goat cheese works well. I also like a few dollops of ricotta if I am using sausage or sliced meatballs.

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                      Wow Susan, that sounds like a good combo as well..I've got ricotta too lol...Hmmm now I getting rev ved up to make it for dinner...choices choices...so many choices now lol.

                    2. You might want to set the ricotta in a sieve, place a saucer over, and weight it down, to drain some of the water out. It only takes an hour or so, and the ricotta comes up in temperature too so is better for baking.

                      1. The thinly sliced italian sausage, that curls up slightly when cooked. Not a fan of the "rat turd"( uniform little balls of sausage) sausage so prevalent on most pizzas (at least in my area for chains and local places). I guess that is considered sausage topping in western ny.I am a native of new jersey and make sure I get the sliced sausage when I go back to central NJ. I tend to stay away from sausage up here in ny and will usually go with bacon (hopefully not undercooked)

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                            I like this idea....I never tried using nuts before as a topping.

                          2. Roasted garlic. Roast the garlic bulb first - you can do this in the pre-heating oven - then peel and put it on the pizza either before or after you cook it. If you put it on before baking the pizza the already roasted garlic will liquify even more and begin to spread its deliciouness into the sauce.

                            Fontina is also a great cheese for pizza. It melts really well. Also, try Asiago. If you can find it.

                            1. First of all I use olive oil instead of tomato sauce. Then sundried tomato, kalamata olives, capers, goat cheese, mushrooms, and roasted garlic. No cheese other than the goat. More like a hearty foccacia than pizza, but tasty.

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                                This sounds a lot like my pizza staple... but I use sundried tomato pesto as the sauce. Then some good anchovies, kalamata olives, capers and mozarella... now and again I'll add tuna.

                              2. I made one last weekend with Tasso ham, chicken (sauteed with Cajun spice mix), roasted red peppers, over a roasted garlic white sauce. Darn tasty!

                                1. Pesto instead of red sauce. Doesn't need anything else but cheese, but makes a nice platform for other toppings - chicken, sun-dried tomatoes...

                                  1. Home made BBQ sauce, pulled pork, onions

                                    1. Go for my regular:

                                      Half - bacon (the smokier the better) and diced tomato
                                      Half - GOOD sausage and fresh roasted red peppers
                                      Half - Meatball and mushroom

                                      1. Current favorite around here... Goat cheese and Granny Smith apples with black pepper.

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                                          Now that sounds like a funky pizza to me Pablo..Mmmm next time wow sounds really good

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                                            We get very creative around here with the pizzas, also do a caramelized onion and smoked oyster one! For the goat cheese one be sure to saute your apples in olive oil and a little sea salt before topping the pizza. Use fresh black ground pepper.

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                                              I could certainly picture it... Off topic, but one of my favorite ways to eat a bagel is just simply a layer of cream cheese covered nearly edge to edge with freshly cracked black pepper.

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                                                Add a slice of fresh tomato and a sprinkle of salt to that and it's my perfect breakfast.

                                          2. I'm a boring pizza girl.

                                            I like fresh garlic and basil.
                                            Sliced meatball.
                                            Fresh mushrooms.

                                            Not all at once though!

                                            1. Potatoes, fresh thyme and tallegio. Super yum!

                                              1. pesto instead of red sauce, proscuitto, goat cheese.and roasted red peppers

                                                1. Ok, I went with homemade pizza dough yummy, homemade sauce, yummy and drumroll please.................. homemade meatballs I had leftover from the other night..grated fruilano, provalone & sprinkled grated parmeasan over the top. Sprinkling of pineapple..gotta have that for me..love it can't be without it..lol..Thanks everyone I've got lots now on my list of "TO DO's" thanks

                                                  1. of course sauce and cheese.

                                                    then bacon, anchovies, mushrooms and onions.


                                                    1. Try hot wing sauce, chicken, blue cheese, asiago. Fresh celery at the end for crunch and heat relief.

                                                      1. Ahhhhhhh that one goes on my list too...........ahhhhhhh so many new pizza's to try lol..Thanks tiger!!

                                                        1. Another favorite, your basic red sauce pizza with feta, pineapple, and jalapenos. Salty, sweet and hot!

                                                          1. Sundried tomato puree spread on the crust, then a thin layer of ricotta, some grilled garlic eggplant pieces, then mozzarella, romano, and a sprinkling of parmesan and basil. Bake, then add dollops of fresh chilled ricotta right before serving.

                                                            1. how about a white pie--ricotta cheese with herbs and some mozzarella

                                                              1. figs,proscutto and gorgonzola

                                                                1. spinache, bacon and provolone with a red sauce

                                                                  "white" pizza with clams, bermuda onion, sweet red peppers and tons of garlic!

                                                                  1. I'll take a great "new york style" pizza with pepperoni, well done.

                                                                    1. my most favorite pizza is sauerkraut with pineapple

                                                                      1. Did a pizza party at the inlaws last fall. The merguez, chourico, and linguisha from Aidell's book all made great toppings. Thai pie with peanut sauce, sate, basil was great. Smoked mozzarella was interesting. Dry garlic chutney from Indian market makes the best pizza pepper. Coriander and mint chutneys gave a really bright flavor unlike anything else. Artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, sundried tomato, fresh tomato, and sauted mushrooms are always good for me.

                                                                        1. I love roasted eggplant and artichoke hearts when I'm in the mood for a slight upgrade on the regular pie.

                                                                          When I want all-out gourmet, I go for roasted butternut squash and onions with wildrooms. Either without sauce or with pesto. Usually no cheese, but great with fontina.

                                                                          1. Hard-boiled eggs can be great on pizza. You could go for classic pairings (white sauce, spinach) or less traditional (gremolata, black olives).