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Mar 8, 2007 05:21 AM

Good indian food near times square?

I'm taking my sister to manhattan for a few days and she loves indian food (she got hooked on it while living in London).

We're staying in near times square so it would be idea to walk some where for a good indian meal...but i'll take suggestions. If they have live entertainment, that's a plus but I want the food to be the star...


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  1. I also got a great recommendation from a coworker for The Ghandi Cafe in the village...let me know if anyone's been there. thanks.

    1. Utsav ( is quite good. It's not the most spectacular, but it's near Times Square and is pretty good quality.

      1. Copper Chimney on 28th btwn Lex and Park does great indian and on a nice day you can definitely walk there from times square.

        1. thanks for the suggestions...big help!

          1. Second Utsav. Good, albeit slightly pricey, for the area.