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Mar 8, 2007 04:30 AM

Kosher in Fiji?

Hi All,

I am interested in heading down to Fiji with the wife soon. I am sure that Chabad hasn't found their way down there yet but I was wondering if anyone had been there and discovered any food in the supermarkets. If anyone has been how did you do with food?


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  1. you might want to contact them here:
    Fiji Jewish Association
    Carpenter Street, P.O.Box 882 GPO,
    Suva, Fiji
    Tel : 679 387 980
    Fax : 679 387 946

    1. How was Fiji? I heard a lot about and it. Is there really a Jewish community there? Did you actually find Kosher?

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      1. re: shmulykopel

        It was a very nice Island but there is zero form of Judaism there and zero food. We brought everything and found a few items in the supermarket which had hechshers. I had contacted the chabad rabbi in Sydney and he told me there was nothing. Be careful bringing meat in though as they scan for agriculture products upon arrival.

        1. re: JS69

          Just interested to know, I read about the Jewish Association did you visit them? Maybe it is worth getting them to import food for visiting Jews. I tried to call them but the number didn't work. There should be 7 digits after the country code and there is only 6 given by KosherNY above.
          When I visit places I like meeting the Jews of the place. I wonder how big their community would be. I read a site that said 60 attend a Pesach Seder in which case there should be quite a few more.

      2. We went 10 years ago on our honeymoon. The only kosher food we found in the supermarkets was pringles and snapple.
        We brought frozen meals which our hotel heated up for us but we had to explain for a few minutes at the agriculture inspection at the airport. As long as the food was fully cooked they didn't seem to mind what you brought in.
        Many foods (like milk I think) are imported from australia/nz so check out the australia/nz kosher lists before going.

        1. Went there recently for work. Virtually nothing is available. You can NOT bring in any meat. Only dairy products labeled Product of Australia can be brought in. I think the fine for not declaring food is around $450. BTW cell phone charges are over US$4.00/minute and not all hotels take credit cards - check in advance. ATMs have a US$5.00 service charge. On my 3rd day I asked a cab driver "where are all the beautiful locations we see in the posters?". He said that those are private islands.
          As for the people - friendliest folks you'd ever want to meet.