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Mar 8, 2007 03:59 AM

Gravesend advice sought

So I'm headed to Gravesend this weekend and am looking for a lunch spot close to 60th street at 16th avenue. Casual, cheapish but nice. Any cuisine.

Anything without having to go North to the Slope or West to Bay Ridge?

Thanks, hounds.

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  1. This isn't much help, but I could swear there was a pizza place that is well thought on in gravesend...

    1. that's not too far from World Tong . . .
      or Tanoreen for Middle Eastern

      1. eh, thats not really gravesend. if it was, you should get a roast beef sandwich at john's deli and then some squares from l&b...if you have a car, i suggest you do that.

        you're probably closer to leoni's...they have excellent smoked and fresh mozzarela and good sandwiches.

        1. Wow, so right. NOT Gravesend...hmmmm Bay Ridge East? New Utrecht? Borough Park South?

          I saw on the map that its 2 blocks from " Gravesend Park" . Oh well.

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          1. re: Larry Brooks

            16th/60th is properly Bensonhurst....try searching that way.

          2. There's a foccacceria on 18th Avenue (Gino's?) and 72nd-ish St. that has rice balls, panelle specials and the like-- it's not super close, but it's very tasty.