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Mar 8, 2007 03:28 AM

Trip to Round Rock this weekend--Lunch Ideas?

I'm taking my mother and grandmother to Round Rock from Dallas this weekend for a trip to the newest outlet shopping mall there. Any ideas for a great lunch along the way? In fact, we may just call it a full day and have dinner in the Austin area, too. They like good southern-style food (can't go wrong with chicken fried steak), mexican, barbecue, and seafood. Of course, a great steak (casual digs) is always good, too. Thanks for any advise.

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  1. Is Taylor - 15 to 20 miles due east of Round Rock - too far out of the way? If not Louis Mueller's offers up some darn good BBQ with a great atmosphere.

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      I second the nomination for Louis Mueller!!! It'd be criminal to be so close to that brisket and not partake.

    2. May I suggest EUROPEAN BISTRO in Pfluggerville? It's a short drive from Round Rock and, as I understand, well worth it.

      1. You should check the Austin boards, where I thought this might get moved.