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Korean in Shanghai

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BBQ would be good but so would non-BBQ... anyone have any ideas? (nothing too expensive)

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  1. korean bbq is shanghai is not good at all...the beef is horrible.

    1. FWIW, the City Weekend website lists about 25 Korean restaurants:


      I don't think it would occur to me to look for anything but Chinese food in China, but with the explosion of interest in things Korean in Shanghai (thanks to the Korean TV soaps that are all the rage these days) there might be something good out there (and it wouldn't be that difficult for a serious venture to import suitable beef).

      1. Ya, I would just as soon steer clear of the City Weekend, especially their recommendations. A friend talked about Ben Jia in Gubei but I have no idea where it is. Oh well.... Lost Heaven it may well have to be.

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          Well, I personally would be more wary of anything in Gubei than whatever City Weekend recommends.

          Dianping.com has reviews for 267 Korean restaurants, if you want more choices.

        2. Ahhhhh... not more choice... reccomendations.. lol. ..thanks Gary, maybe I can find Ben Jia there :).

          1. If you're ever in Beijing, there's a decent Korean BBQ a little south of the University of International Business & Economics.

            1. So happy to have found this post. A bit about me: I'm Korean-American, have lived in Shanghai almost 2 years. I'm a crazy foodie and have gone on food tours to Korea with my restaurant owner friends.

              To get authentic Korean food in Shanghai, you have to travel west to Wuzhong Lu, which is Shanghai's Koreatown. All the Korean food I've had in downtown Puxi has been quite awful, cooked by Chinese for the Chinese palate. Nothing gets a Korean riled up more than the authenticity of REAL Korean food.

              There is a sizeable Korean population in Shanghai, mainly concentrated along Wuzhong Lu and around Gubei. It takes about a 30 minute drive by taxi to get Wuzhong Lu, and when I go I try to make the most of the trip. The best all-around Korean BBQ I've been to, as mbe stated, is Ben Jia, in Korean pronounced Bonga. It's kinda hidden behind a Hyundai car dealership.

              Ben Jia (Bonga in Korean)
              1339 Wuzhong Lu, near Jinhui Nan Lu

              吴中路1339号, 近金汇路

              Another very authentic Korean restaurant I found that serves live octopus (nakji) is To Dam Gol. This is a country inn style place, with authentic very spicy Korean home cooking. The octopus is usually boiled in a soup or sauteed on a pan right in front of you, LIVE. To be honest, an uncomfortable experience but I wanted to try it to begin to understand what the fuss was about. After I ate it, I realized that octopus when it's cooked can become extremely tough and hard to chew, but eating it so fresh like that it was unusually tender. And then I began to understand :-)

              To Dam Gol (토담골)
              2918 Longmin Lu.
              Near Wuzhong Lu, on Jinhui Nan Lu which becomes Longmin Lu.
              Open daily- 9:30am-2am

              Enjoy! ;-)

              1. Shanghai has a lot of Korean people living there, so there are a ton of excellent Korean restaurants, almost as good as just about any I've had in Korea.

                As mentioned above, Ben Jia is excellent. Even better is Zheng Yi Pin (正一品) on Jinhui Nan Lu, very close to Ben Jia. The restaurant is serviced by a Korean staff.
                There is also Ziteng lu, just off of Wuzhong lu, 5 minutes West of BenJia and Zheng yi Pin. The entire street is Korean restaurants, bars, and snack stands. A great place to get cheap Korean food.