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Mar 7, 2007 10:19 PM


Hello, Chowhounders.

I'm planning to take my first trip to Italy, and I would like to plan it around the country's amazing cuisine. Does anyone know of a tour that would expose me to wonderful dining experiences? I'm not interested in learning how to cook.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Try They mostly do art tours, but also offer food tours in Florence, Rome, and Naples. I've heard good things.

    1. Santa Barbara City College has a "semester abroad" in Italy this summer (not really a semester long) led by the head of the Culinary Arts Program on the food and wine of Italy. Should be fantastic and a novel way to take a vacation. Check out their website for more information. You can do it for 2 or 4 weeks:

      1. The city Lecce in Apulia is trying to become a new culinary center - it is a great and off the beaten track city to visit and the food in this area is fresh and flavorful. Good area to get to know along with Naples - one of my favorite food cities and so much cheaper than most places in Europe. A grand, grand city. Check out the websites for Lecce and look for their culinary offerings.

        1. Try and Food tours of southern Italy...will go up north if requested...

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