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Mar 7, 2007 10:16 PM

Marco Pierre White

Guest Chef at Union May 14th. Prix Fixe I think is going to be around $100?? Get your reservations asap. Should be exciting!

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  1. do you have more information about this event?

    1. That's all I know. I've already made reservations, I believe that the service time will be between 6pm - 8 pm. I am not entirely sure though. Should be an amazing event.

      1. Here's the scoop from the Cooks & Books announcement:

        First, join us on Monday, May 14, at Union ( 1400 First Avenue , downtown) for a night with the original bad-boy chef and culinary genius, Marco Pierre White. Chefs Ethan Stowell and Jason Stoneburner will be creating a fantastic menu to rock our worlds in honor of this trendsetting chef and his “rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle.

        Call Union to reserve your table at (206) 838-8000. Reservations begin at 6pm and cost is $125/person.

        “Marco Pierre White is the original rock-star chef, the guy all of us wanted to be.” – Anthony Bourdain

        “Marco is a gift to humanity, with more passion per pound than anyone else I have ever met. After all these years, Marco is still my hero.”
        – Mario Batali

        Marco Pierre White is the most decorated chef in English history and has a thriving restaurant empire in London . He’s the first British chef (and the youngest chef anywhere) to win three Michelin stars – and also the only chef to ever give them all back. His truly engaging story is chronicled in his memoir, THE DEVIL IN THE KITCHEN: SEX, PAIN, MADNESS AND THE MAKING OF A GREAT CHEF. Marco Pierre White has had a huge impact on the culinary world and many young chefs, including Seattle ’s own Ethan Stowell of Union and Tavolata.