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Mar 7, 2007 10:09 PM

Rate these Restaurants

I have 3 nights in Manhattan but 4 restaurants of interest. Can you help me eliminate one or even better; can you rate these four in order? Thanks!!!

BLT Steak
Rainbow Room Grill
Rosie O'Grady's

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  1. Keens - #1- my opinion, best "old school" steakhouse in NYC! Mutton chop...a must!

    1. keens is a must for an old ny steakhouse...get the steak tartare for an appetizer.

      blt steak is good but i doubt you want to only eat at steakhouses. if you do, then quality meats or strip house are excellent choices. id suggest going to williamsburg across the water to peter lugers though...nothing beats it.

      rainbow room is cheesy. i go for business lunches and the food is always meh. for the money, go to a great place like veritas or'll be much happier you did.

      rosie o gradys...please pass on that one

      1. Hmmm, not a very good list to begin with. Why don't you read the board for some other suggestions, or tell us what you are looking for so we can better guide?

        Rosie O'grady's. Mediocre, tourist faux pub. Pass.

        Rainbow Room - tacky, cliche, tourist trap

        Keen's - Very good steakhouse. Classic NY

        BLT - another steakhouse, more glamourous, but not as good as Keen's IMO.

        1. You're talking about spending a good chunk of change on these places and for that amount, you can have AMAZING food in NYC. I would second chow__Gal's suggestions and look for some other options. If you can narrow it down by food or neighborhood, we can help you come up with some recs.

          Keen's is great though. Enjoy your trip!


          1. I would go to BLT Prime over BLT Steak.