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Mar 7, 2007 09:21 PM

Harvey Wallbanger Cake

I'd like to make my mom's harvey wallbanger cake but from scratch. Her recipe and all others that I have found call for using a box of cake mix. I really enjoy baking from scratch and am wondering if anyone has a recipe for this cake using all real ingredients not from a box.

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  1. Every recipe I've ever seen calls for an orange cake mix ( and Galliano. Never tried it though. Good luck!

    1. oh my! I copied the box-cake recipe from my grandmother last fall,,,and have always wondered about how to do this w.out a box! (and, without the expensive galliano) My grandmother used to make this for my grandfathers poker nights....(he's been gone over 20 years now...and nana is barely with us) but your post makes me smile.

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        You really HAVE TO use Galliano. It's the essence of the flavor. Sometimes at liquor stores they sell little travel-size bootles of booze. I've never looked for Galliano though.

      2. I am so with you, 7up, but for some recipes that come from a gram's generation (depending on the gram) the cake mix might be the key to how you really remember it. Sometimes, the truly from scratch doesn't measure up to the memory...terrible to say, but so true.

        1. Is this the Galliano cake recipe my aunt makes I wonder???
          Anyone have the recipe; I bought the galliano and forgot to the get the recipe.

          1. I found a scratch recipe at King Arther Flour companys website!! I've made it from scrtch before, it's very yummy!!!