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Mar 7, 2007 06:55 PM

Another good SC BBQ house gone

Saturday I happened to be on the east side of Columbia and realized I was driving right past Sikes Barbeque. 6 pm and I was hungry, so made a bee line for their parking lot.

Um - EMPTY parking lot! Sign on the door announced that after 40+ years they had closed in December. Arrrgggh! They had served a mean pork sandwich.

Good news is I stumbled on a new Casa Linda in the strip mall behind Taco Bell, near Wal-Mart. Tried their chicken mole enchiladas and was not disappointed.

But what I really wanted a Sikes sandwich. Sigh.

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    1. Oh no! We have talked about heading over to Sike's lately, but we waited too late. That was my first Cola-town cue experience over 20 years ago!

      1. Thats too bad,I haven't talked to Ronnie Sikes in a year,his brother took over the pit and on my last visit Ronnie and our gang were so gorged in seafood news of the pit didn't come up,I hate to hear that,I was once married into that family and I still get along great with all of them,my sons grew up on their hash and me being from Eastern NC I was skeptical about the hash and mustard but loved it with the first bite,Sikes was great for all their food but the thing that really set them apart is that they used all hams,I need to call and see if the next generation is going to pick up where they left off.