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Mar 7, 2007 06:51 PM

Green Mangoes in the Boston area?


I am looking to buy fresh green Asian mangoes in the Boston area. Will appreciate info.


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  1. I can't find green mangos...but I have found green papayas at Tropical Foods in Roxbury (near Dudley.) If anyone does know where to find green mangos, I'd love to know too...

    1. Do you mean green on the outside or green flesh? If the latter, never seen those. If the former, I would think you could find them at Super 88, Russo's, or even Whole Foods or the Basket. Also, there are a number of Indian / Asian supermarkets around that seem to carry all sorts of varieties.

      1. I'm always looking for green mango too, but sadly have never seen them in Boston! (Green as in unripe, that is) So sad... nothing like a nice crispy slice of mango with some bagong-- for me, it's one of those things relegated to the "gorge on when you escape boston" list...

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          Hey Pinoy!
          Market Basket often has green mangoes (the mexican kind, but still good with bagoong). Green asian mangoes are more difficult to find.

        2. Russo's usually has green mangoes. Not always, though. If it's a trek for you to get out there, I'd call first, or check their Web site.

          1. Floating Rock has a green mango salad, so one of the Shirley Ave. markets might have it.