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Mar 7, 2007 06:17 PM

Lynn Crawford was robbed

I can not believe that yet another Canadian chef lost on Iron Chef! How could the judges overlook her fantastic entries...and pick Flay's peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and ribs??? Oh ya the contest was in a place that discribes a "papadom is like a tortilla, just different" Oh brother, why bother????

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  1. I don't watch Iron Chef America all that often, but I made a point of watching tonight. I thought Lynn Crawford's dishes were much more complex and visually appealing (aside from the green celery foam) than Bobby Flay's.

    I have always admired Jeffrey Steingarten's intelligence, wit, and food sense, not to mention his writing style; but who were the two buffoons who served as the other judges? Both were incapable of intelligent culinary discourse; Mr. Steingarten was visibly cringing at their comments and childish antics.

    Given that two of the three judges were total nincompoops, was it really a fairly judged competition?

    1. I totally agree that Lynn Crawford should have won. Bobby Flay's dishes lacked sophistication. You could see that her dishes were more thoroughly thought out than his.

      1. Flay has slid by and won numerous times. And each time he more or less makes the same thing. It does make me wonder if it is like other ‘reality” shows where the producers ‘consult’ on the outcome.

        1. How can you know who should have won based off of watching it on TV. I did not watch so I can not comment on the visual and flavor profiles of the dishes but isn't the best part of food eating it.

          1. When you say "another Canadian chef" lost, does that mean that Susur Lee also lost? Missed that episode (season 1), but I believe he went up against Flay as well? Anyone know how that went?