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Mar 7, 2007 05:23 PM

FAGE 2% yogurt now available in 500g size

I can't be the only FAGE Greek yogurt lover who's been hoping for the 2% fat version to become available here in the U.S. in the larger size (500g) in which we can now find the 0% and Total versions....well, dreams really do come true because as of about 3 weeks ago, my local markets have been starting to stock the 2% in this size.
I live in Manhattan and FAGE USA is based in neighboring Queens, so this dreamy stuff is more ubiquitous here than it may be in other parts of the country. Having said that, I'm guessing that the large size 2% will be also showing up in refrigerator cases near many of you, soon!!

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  1. I just discovered Fage and I am hooked! Thanks for the info.