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Mar 7, 2007 05:00 PM

Wanchai Dim Sum

Going to Hong Kong next week and want to explore Wanchi. What would be a good restaurant to have Dim Sum? Would we be better off going to Causeway Bay? (for Dim Sum)



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  1. I used to eat at this place on Hennesy Rd, very close to the 298 Computer Centre, and right beside the basketball court. Sorry I forgot the name, but the place wasnt bad. Used to go there once a month when I lived in HK.

    If you don't mind trekking a bit, the Victoria Harbour seafood Restaurant in Sun Hung Kai Centre has excellent dimsum, albeit it can be a bit pricey.

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      Second the Victoria Harbour seafood Restaurant recommendation. One of the best places for dim sum these days. It is not that pricey unless you order a lot of seafood or abalone.

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        My wife and I just returned from lunch at Victoria Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Wan Chai. It wasn't in the least pricey, for we stuck to the usual dim sum and stayed away from the 500 HKD abalone, etc. The dim sum was (were?) very good. We were especially impressed by the texture of the fillings. Every ingredient was recognizable and not lost in a mashed mess. The rice flour wrappings were supple and delicious. The dim sum are, apparently, cooked to order--one orders from a menu, and I saw no carts. Hence the food is impeccably fresh. The tea also was very good--we asked for a long jing and got a very good one for not much money.
        Maxim's in the city hall used to be our default choice for dim sum. I think we'll change that setting to Victoria Harbour, especially since we stay on the Kowloon side and Victoria Harbour is no farther from the Wan Chai ferry landing than is Maxim's from the Central landing.

    2. A few weeks back, during my visit to Hong Kong, I was invited to Dim Sum lunch at " Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant, 1/F 353 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai by my Foodie cousin. Though slightly more expensive than the norm, the Dim Sum offered, however, were top notched, reflected by the quality ingredients used. The prawns used in the making of their Ha Gaw, Shui Mai and other dumplings were fresh, sweet, crisp and succulent. The B-B-Q as well as Spiced-soy marinated meats and offals, presented in tapas size were also spectacular. However, one dish that truly stood out was the 'Pineapple bun with B-B-Q pork stuffing". This, they claim to be the 'Best tasting bun on earth'!! Well, one bite into the unique slightly sweet, flaky/crunchy/chewy/fluffy crust which in turn releases the sumptuous pork filling smothered in a rich oyster sauce based gravy confirmed their claim!! It was simply heavenly!! I gobbled down at least four of these mandarin size morsels before realizing there were other delectables on the table ready to be consummed!! All in all one of the best Dim Sum lunch I ever had! A must try!

      1. Wow! I can't wait. I will try Victoria Harbour as well. I will be in Hong Kong three weeks, so will have time to try both. Anything else?



        1. Cerise, if you have the time, do give the Chinese restaurant inside the new Four Seasons Hotel a try. Fantastic ' Noveau' style Dim Sum ( Foie Gras/Lobster dumplings!!...etc). Also, make sure to reserve a 'window' table.The habour view is breath taking. Bewarned though! This is the most expensive 'Dim Sum' place in town!! Check out the decor as well! Have a nice trip and do report back!!
          PS: If you are REALLY adventurous, there is a place at the boundary between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai called 'Snake King 2'. For HK$70, you get a big bowl of Shredded '5 types of snakes' soup, a plate of greens with oyster sauce and a bowl of rice topped with a couple of fresh duck liver sausages. Yummy and great value!

          People also gave rave review to Central's 'Yung Kee's' roast goose. However, I found the roast goose served by the Chinese restaurant inside the JW Marriot hotel ( Admiralty subway station, one stop from Wan Chai) equally good if not better!!