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Green hors d'oeuvres?

I'm doing the nibblies for my MIL's annual St Patrick's Day party (they don't do Christmas or Easter, but they pull out all the stops for any alcohol-related holiday). I'd like to bring a selection of Things That Are Green. I was thinking about doing some devilled eggs with dill and chives blended in to the filling, and of course olives and cornichons. Any other ideas?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Artichoke and/or spinach dips are usually popular.

    1. Irish sausages as pigs in blanket. Irish, but not green. And you can make a dip blended with food dye. Maybe sourcream and onion? Spinach dip? Green mashed potatoes? Oh, and I've seen deviled eggs where the eggs themselves were green. Pretty funny.

      1. A spinach frittata cut into wedges is nice, and holds well. You can bake it in advance (freeze if necessary) and then just reheat as needed.

        Also, how about spinach tortilla chips w/guacamole? Or spinach tortilla roll-ups. You could also do a tray of roasted green veggies: asparagus tips, broccoli florets, zucchini, and baby brussel sprouts, with an herbed dip.

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            I was going to suggest pesto as well. I made an argula/walnut pesto recently. It was a beautiful bright green, and very yummy just with bread!

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              Oh, that sounds fantastic! I tried pesto made with spinach and almonds - delish!

          2. green tortelini on skewers
            snapea crisps (available at Trader Joe's)
            kiwi salad
            green grapes and green apples
            green pea bruschetta
            green tea beverage

            1. guacamole would be a great dip

              1. I don't think you need everything to be green, but have green as the essence. Otherwise with just green color it may look too plain!

                Here are some ideas:
                -Boiled Edamame sparkled with sea salt for munching
                -Green Pepper stuffed with Goat cheese
                -Orzo or penne or other pasta (just plain color is fine) tossed with pesto sauce
                -Green (Spanish) fusillis salad with vinigrette of your choice
                - Roasted brussel sprouts with garlic and butter
                - Green asparagus sparkled with bacon or fried serrano ham stripes
                - Walford salad with green apple instead
                - Avocado and shrimp salad
                - Drinks: Jones green apple soda, mojitos
                - Desserts: Pistaschio Ice Cream, Mint Choco Ice Cream, Green Tea Ice Cream, or Mini Cupcakes with green frosting; Green jello for a retro feel.

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                  An idea for that edame from Chow's recipes

                  Rice Crackers with Goat Cheese and Edamame

                  Maybe a mini version of these green chicken kebobs ... but don't know if that's more than you want for a nibble ... but you could do little toothpick sized versions maybe on a bed of greens.

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                    I made the Rice Crackers with Goat Cheese and Edamame the other day and it was really tasty. And it's pretty, too. White with green on top.

                    I forgot to pick up goat cheese and used cream cheese instead and it was still really good.

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                      It looked pretty. You could always add a drop of green coloring to the cheese.

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                        Sorry? I meant that it looked pretty with the green edamame sitting on top of the white cheese.

                    1. Green olive tapenade on bruschetta

                        1. Order a bunch of steamed veggie dumplings from your local asian restaurant. here in NY most if not all veggie dumplings are made with green dumpling skins

                          1. Derby Sage cheese ... Whole Foods carries it. It's pretty good too

                            1. Why not use the colors of the flag - green, white and red?

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                                Err...the Irish flag is green, white and Orange.

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                                  Yes, I stand corrected. That would be the Italian flag. By the way I am Irish!

                                  Anyhow, my point was, maybe focus on other colors too.

                              2. spinach lasagne

                                wasabi-coated salmon

                                spinach quiche

                                smoked salmon wrapped around asparagus spears

                                tiny new potatoes stuffed with dill sourcream

                                green beer. :)

                                cream of watercress or broccoli soup

                                arugula salad

                                grape, kiwi, honeydew salad

                                green beer. :)

                                1. Good recs thus far...

                                  Mini spinach quiches

                                  Stuffed Belgian Endives http://www.italiancookingandliving.co...

                                  Cucumber Rounds w/ an Herbed Cheese topping

                                  Stuffed Zucchini

                                  Roasted or Grilled Asparagus w/ or w/o Prosciutto or Hollandaise

                                  Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

                                  ...did I write stuffed too many times??

                                  1. Mint and coriander chutneys have a nice green color. Won ton skin mini-pizzas with these as sauce?

                                    1. Sliced cucumbers with olive tempanade on top

                                      1. I always baked green bread for my childrens' sandwiches in honor of St. Pat and made green deviled egg filling, green grapes & green shortbread cookies.

                                        1. How about some Dubliner Cheese cut out with a shamrock cookie cutter and lay on top of green taco chips...

                                          1. You guys, these are great ideas and now I have the enviable problem of deciding which ideas to use! Thanks so much,