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World Tong fans: How is China Brasserie?

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Although quite different in many ways, on the dim sum only how do they compare? I've noticed consistant praise for one but divergence reviews of the other.

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  1. Ive heard from a chowhound friend I trust that the chef is offering very good creative dim sum at Chinatown Brasserie. Havent been able to get into world tong since he left so I cant comment on its quality now. I do think people complain more when the food price goes up, dont you?.

    1. Very much so. The relationship of food bonds and money is extremely sensitive, and apt to effect most judgements. I work with wine and make a point of forgoing my discount and buying at stores once a month

      1. since Chinatown Brasserie is in Manhattan, there's probably more comment on that board...

        I'm a World Tong lover who hasn't bothered to follow the chef there since I'm not in the market for upscale Chinese in that location . I read that the talented Mr Ng has moved from being chief of dim sum to being the head chef of CB.

        1. I've been to World Tong four or five times, and CB only once. The price markup at CB is outlandish, though the dim sum is still lovely. I also strongly disliked the yuppie/orientalist atmosphere at CB. Seems like it's a Sex in the City pink drinks place, not a dim sum wonderland like WT used to be.

          1. Is World Tong still worth going to? I went once when Ng was still there and it was pretty great.

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              Having been there before and after (several times), I've seen (and tasted) no discernable difference. Still excellent, still a good array of interesting, as well as traditional, food. Havent been there during the past 2 months, however. In fact, several of us dont believe that Mr. Ng was ever the driving force behind the dim sum at World Tong... we may be wrong on that count.

            2. i've eaten at WT twice since Ng left. both times i showed up kinda late when they began to run out of dishes, but what i did eat was on par with the Ng days.

              1. I eat dim sum at world tong regularly and it's pretty much as good as it ever was and the place is still ridiculously busy.

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                  do they (menaing World Tong) serve dim sum 7 days a week? i'm often flexible on weekdays, and i'm sure the crowds would be less, but would variety and selection be compromised?


                2. They serve dim sum 7 days a week starting at, I believe, 7am (!) and in my experience if you go around 11am there is about 80-85% of the variety as on the weekends. Considering how many kinds of dim sum they serve at WT, that's still pretty impressive.

                  During the week they mainly have less of the "special" stuff coming around on trays but still serve most of the usual cart stuff, not to mention that there are some dishes I only manage to eat during the week because on the weekend they have run out by the time I get seated, such as the rice roll stuffed with char siu which is possibly one of the most delicious foods ever.

                  1. haven't been out to world tong, but I've been to a few events and things at chinatown brasserie and despite the theme-restaurant look and nightclub feel, the dim sum is actually quite nice. expensive, and nothing like going to chinatown, but nice.