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Mar 7, 2007 04:33 PM

3 Restaurants I should take my friend from out of town ...

A friend of mine is coming in from San Francisco, and we both love to eat!

We will be together for 5 days, two of which are taken. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are open to possible dinner choices.

Wednesday: Musha in Santa Monica (his flight comes in late, this will still be open)
Thursday: somewhere in Monterey Park (I have another thread about rest. suggestions)


Table 8
Belvedere Restaurant
Grace Restaurant

I'm leaning more towards this itinerary:

Friday: Josie's
Saturday: Hatfield's
Sunday: NOT SURE???????????? [slightly leaning towards Table 8]

Does anyone have a suggestion (on that list or not) for where I should take him Sunday?

Or maybe I should change where I'm planning on for Friday and Saturday?

I'm open to changes, and price is not an issue (unless it's over $200+/person).

Thanks for any suggestions/help! I'm stumped! :)

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    1. re: Jennalynn

      Thanks for the suggestion, I've heard of it on yelp but don't really know much about it... I'll have to research this one :)

      1. re: badtz

        I would not go to Jar. It is hopping - lots of action - but the noise level is deafening, the prices are high, and while the food is definitely good, IMO it won't wow someone who lives in SF. The times we have gone, we have had a nice enough time, but have never been in a hurry to go back and usually had sticker shock from the bill. I think some of your other suggestions are much better options. If you do go, the steaks are pretty good as is the creamed spinach. Skip the fries. I tend to order the less standard fare each time, while my husband goes with the traditional chophouse food, and his stuff is usually better.

    2. Grace is so yummy. Musso and Franks might be fun to mix it up a bit. You would need to double check that they're open on Sundays though.

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      1. re: bite bite

        Musso's is not open on Sundays nor Mondays!

      2. While I love Grace, I'm not so sure it's a good idea to do Hatfield's and Grace back to back on successive nights. They're not exactly similar in terms of menu or decor, but your out of town guests might think that they're similar enough not to be enamored by it. Ultimately, that's your call as you know them best, and there's nothing wrong with that choice food-wise (I highly recommend both going to Hatfield's as well as Grace, just not back-to-back).

        For that reason, though, Jar is a good suggestion because you'd go from Hatfield's with a heavy French influence to a fun meat and potatoes place like Jar.

        Since price is not an issue, how about omakase at a sushi joint?

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        1. re: SauceSupreme

          I've thought about going to sushi route .... do you have any suggestions? Would Grace and Hatfield's be worth going to if I spread them apart? Say Grace on Friday, Josie's on Saturday and Hatfield's on Sunday? :)

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. How is AOC? I've actually never been there (or Bin 8945 or Angelini). Is it more festive or romantic? And how about general food quality for all three (compared to places like Mozza, Spago, hatfield's, etc.) :)

            1. re: badtz

              I am not a fan of AOC. I just don't get it. They want to be a "small plate" restaurant, but the choices last time I went weren't exactly what I would associate with small plates. Coq au vin? Isn't that something I want in a shallow bowl with crusty bread? However, my FAVORITE small plater is Mozza. I LOVE there starters. I'm just a huge fan of what they're up to at Highland and Melrose.

              1. re: badtz

                You may have moved away from these places by now, but here's my take:

                Bin 8945, Angelini and AOC are all very festive - lots of hustle and bustle - could be romantic but in general not places I would recommend to couples looking for a romantic dinner out, so I would say more action than romance. Mozza has a similar vibe.

                Mozza's food quality has been debated at length, but I do think it's a fun place to take someone if you sit at the bar. Same with the AOC charcuterie bar. Every out of towner I have taken has loved their experience when we did that at AOC.

                Spago's tasting menu is fabulous, but really expensive. Regular menu for me does not merit a trip.

                I'd limit yourself to one somewhat formal, grand "foodie" place - i.e., Providence, Spago (if tasting menu), Grace (though for me inconsistent, others love), Melisse, Valentino. Then do one more happening spot that still has great food - AOC, Mozza, Bin 8945, Angelini, the Hungry Cat, that type of thing. The other night I'd do sushi (again, so far Azami has wow-ed my visitors), but if not, I'd go for an intimate dining experience like a Hatfield's, or a neighborhood spot (a la Violet, Blair's, etc. - just so they can go somewhere tourists normally do not). Re Hatfield's food, I cannot comment on that b/c I have never been there, but a local restaurant mgr at a great restaurant told me I should try it. (I have tried about 4 times but never call far enough in advance to get a reso). Good luck!

            2. I agree with SS - i feel like you need to mix it up a bit and Hatfields and Grace are almost too much on top of each other. Also, even though I love Hatfields - like really, really love Hatfields - I don't know if I'd take an out of towner. Even though it's such a culinary experience, it's not necessarily an LA experience (probably part of the reason I love it)....Saturday night should be more fun...Grace is probably more fun.

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              1. re: Julefish

                Which one out of the two (Hatfields and Grace) should I go to if I HAD to ONLY pick one of them :) ??? It's really hard trying to narrow these choices down to just 3 dinners. I would like to choose a variety of places (not just one type of decor, and not just one type of food) :P

                1. re: badtz

                  I'd do Grace. Lively and fun, and amazing food and service.

                  1. re: djdebs

                    is the food here better than hatfield's?

                    1. re: badtz

                      I like Grace better but it's like trying to pick a favorite flavor of ice cream. Grace has better decor as a result of it being bigger room. Also I prefer desserts overall at Grace, though Hatfield's has a chocolate mille-feuille that's great. I would peruse their respective menus and see which cuisine you prefer.